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Fluency Scenes™ Adolescent

Card Set

Ages: 12-17 Grades: 7-12

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Help your students practice and generalize fluent speech outside the therapy room!
Fluency Scenes Adolescent contains 50 cards with illustrated scenes depicting common preteen/adolescent scenarios on the front and stimulus items on the back. Each set of cards within the deck teaches a fluency strategy in small, progressive steps. Strategies in the last set of cards target transfer and maintenance.
Fluency Scenes Adolescent Card Set
  • Cards 1-5: Establishing fluency through increasing longer and more complex utterances
    Over-exaggerated mouth movements and slow rate of speech prepare students for future success as they learn to make their speech sound like a single, connected unit.
  • Cards 6-9: Regulating/controlling the breath stream
    Mastering breath support/control is critical for fluent speech. These exercises help form the foundation for increasing fluency.
  • Cards 10-14: Establishing light articulatory contact
    Using light articulatory contact helps students reduce tension in speech, which can decrease the length of a prolongation or block.
  • Cards 15-19: Controlling speaking rate
    Students learn the effect of speaking rate on speech fluency and acquire useful strategies to control their rate of speech.
  • Cards 20-24: Oral planning and coordination
    Students learn to visualize successful speaking situations.
  • Cards 25-27: Desensitization
    Students acquire techniques to reduce anxiety and build confidence when speaking.
  • Cards 28-31: Modifying the stuttering moment
    These exercises teach students how to change stuttering moments and decrease frustration.
  • Cards 32-35: Reduction of word avoidance behaviors
    Students use these strategies to decrease fear of difficult words or situations.
  • Cards 36-40: Self-awareness and self-monitoring
    Students take ownership of their speech and begin to monitor speech fluency independently.
  • Cards 41-44: Positive attitude toward self and communication
    Students will recognize and embrace their uniqueness and develop personal pride.
  • Cards 45-50: Transfer and maintenance
    Motivate students to work on speech skills outside of the therapy room with engaging activities.
Fluency Scenes Adolescent
  • 50 double-sided, sturdy picture/stimuli cards (8½”x11”)
  • Instructions
  • Vinyl storage folder
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