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Fluency Scenes™ Adolescent

Card Set

Ages: 12-17 Grades: 7-12

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Great info and resource too!
by Michaela T,  Wilmington, NC
#LS7644 - Fluency Scenes Adolescent
These cards are great for stimuli, but it also has great fluency information included to teach the students.

Great product!
by Donna,  Ohio
#LS7644 - Fluency Scenes Adolescent
These scenes and the activities on the back of each one are motivating for my adolescents and target particular fluency strategies in an engaging way. They make fluency therapy fun!

Worth 10 Stars
by Anne,  North Carolina
#LS7644 - Fluency Scenes Adolescent
This is one of the best fluency programs I have ever used. Not only does it build fluency skills, but it also provides information that helps to desensitize students and develop positive attitudes about their speech skills. I've used it with several middle school students, and have seen amazing things happen. These materials could also be adapted to use with articulation and apraxia work.

LS7644 -  Fluency Scenes Adolescent $46.99 
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