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Fluency Scenes™ Elementary

Card Set

Ages: 6-11 Grades: 1-6

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Help your students practice and generalize fluent speech outside the therapy room!
Fluency Scenes Elementary has 50 cards divided into sets of 3-6 cards. The front of each card has an illustration of a familiar and age-appropriate scene. The card backs present teaching strategies and engaging activities. Each card group focuses on a fluency strategy to teach in small, progressive learning steps. The last set of cards targets transfer and maintenance skills. Students learn to use the strategies whenever and wherever they need them.
Fluency Scenes Elementary Strategies
  • Cards 1-5: Establishing fluency through increasing longer and more complex utterances
    Over-exaggerated mouth movements and slow rate of speech prepare students for future success as they learn to make their speech sound like a single, connected unit.
  • Cards 6-9: Regulating/controlling the breath stream
    Mastering breath support/control is critical for fluent speech. These exercises help form the foundation for increasing fluency.
  • Cards 10-14: Establishing light articulatory contact
    Using light articulatory contact helps students reduce tension in speech, which can decrease the length of a prolongation or block.
  • Cards 15-19: Controlling speaking rate
    Students learn the effect of speaking rate on speech fluency and acquire useful strategies to control their rate of speech.
  • Cards 20-24: Oral planning and coordination
    Students learn to visualize successful speaking situations.
  • Cards 25-27: Desensitization
    Students acquire techniques to reduce anxiety and build confidence when speaking.
  • Cards 28-31: Modifying the stuttering moment
    Exercises and activities teach students how to change stuttering moments and decrease frustration.
  • Cards 32-35: Reduction of word avoidance behaviors
    Exercises and activities help students decrease fear of difficult words or situations.
  • Cards 36-40: Self-awareness and self-monitoring
    Students take ownership of their speech and begin to monitor their fluency independently.
  • Cards 41-44: Positive attitude toward self and communication
    Students recognize and embrace their uniqueness and develop personal pride.
  • Cards 45-50: Transfer and maintenance
    Motivate students to work on speech skills outside the therapy room with these engaging activities.
Fluency Scenes Elementary
  • 50 double-sided, sturdy picture/stimuli cards (8½”x11”)
  • Instructions
  • Vinyl storage folder
LS7645 -  Fluency Scenes Elementary $46.95 
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