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Spotlight on™ Grammar

6-Book Set or 6-Book Set on CD-ROM

by Carolyn LoGiudice and Kate LaQuay
- Grades 3-6 / Ages 8-12

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Help your students acquire critical grammar skills with Spotlight on Grammar.
Each of the six books focuses on basic grammar concepts. Pretests and posttests help teachers determine each student's strengths and weaknesses. By using activities sequenced by complexity, simple sentence structure, vocabulary and readability, students can focus on grammar concepts rather than reading comprehension.
The 6-Book set of Spotlight on Grammar includes these titles:
Spotlight on Grammar Adjectives and Adverbs - Students will learn about the many kinds of adjectives, from those that tell what kind and how many to those used to compare things. Students will learn to identify adverbs and use them to describe and compare.
Spotlight on Grammar Compound and Complex Sentences - Students will learn about noun-verb agreement, simple and compound subjects and predicates, as well as the purpose of coordinating conjunctions and how they function to connect sentences and phrases.
Spotlight on Grammar Nouns - Lessons use simple sentence structure, vocabulary, and readability to help students master the concept of nouns.
Spotlight on Pronouns -Students will learn which pronouns to use in spoken and written language.
Spotlight on Grammar Verbs - Teach verb tenses, types of verbs, and irregular verbs to help students improve spoken language, written expression, and reading comprehension.
Spotlight on Grammar Simple Sentences -Teach the concept of sentence construction to students with language learning disorders using simple sentences with easy readability, structure, and vocabulary.
Spotlight on Grammar 6-Book Set
  • 40 pages per book, 240 total pages, 8 ½" x 11"
  • Clear explanations of grammar concepts
  • One-page lessons with practice activities
  • Systematic progressions in difficulty that motivate students to succeed
  • Pretests/posttests
  • Answer key
Spotlight on Grammer 6-Book set is also available for purchase on a printable CD-ROM.
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6-Book Set Only
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