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LPT 3™ Elementary

Language Processing Test 3 Elementary

by Gail J. Richard and Mary Anne Hanner

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  • Ages - 5;0-11;11
  • Administration Time - 35 minutes
  • Norm referenced; provides standard scores, age equivalents,
    and percentile ranks
  • LPT 3 Elementary complete kit includes an examiner’s manual and 20 test forms.
  • Boxed.(2005)
  • Qualification Level: B
Use the LPT 3 Elementary to diagnose language processing disorders. The test evaluates the ability to attach increasingly more meaning to information received to then formulate an expressive response.
The skills evaluated are discrete and carefully controlled, beginning with simple tasks and progressively increasing the language processing demand placed upon the student. This hierarchical approach ensures evaluation of prerequisite skills for increased processing demand. There are two pretests and six subtests. Each subsequent sub-test builds on the skills previously evaluated. The test items are valid clinical indicators of the ability to attach meaning to language.
LPT 3 Elementary contains 2 pretests and 6 sub-tests:
  • Pretest 1: Labeling
  • Pretest 2: Stating Functions
  • Subtest A: Associations
  • Subtest B: Categorization
  • Subtest C: Similarities
  • Subtest D: Differences
  • Subtest E: Multiple Meanings
  • Subtest F: Attributes
Valid and Reliable
The LPT 3 Elementary is both a valid and reliable measure. Reliability tests (SEM, Inter-Rater Reliability, Test-Retest, KR20) were highly satisfactory for the total test at all age levels. Contrast value comparisons show the test has a satisfactory ability to differentiate subjects with language disorders from subjects developing language normally. Combined sub-test intercorrelations reveal acceptable levels across all age levels, indicating acceptable validity. Analysis of the LPT 3 Elementary shows no significant difference when comparing race and other minimal differences to socioeconomic status.
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