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The Listening Comprehension Test 2

by Linda Bowers, Rosemary Husingh, Carolyn LoGiodice

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  • Ages: 6;0-11;11
  • Testing Time: 35-40 minutes
  • Norm referenced: provides standard scores, age equivalents, and percentile ranks
  • The Listening Comprehension Test 2 set includes examiner’s manual and 20 test forms.Boxed. (2006)
  • Qualification Level: A
The Listening Comprehension Test 2 assesses listening through natural classroom situations. The tasks reveal students’ strengths and weaknesses in integrated language problem solving, reasoning, and comprehension of material presented auditorily. Because listening (receiving, attending to, interpreting, and responding to verbal messages) is critical for classroom success, each subtest requires students to pay attention to what they hear, listen with a purpose in mind, avoid giving impulsive answers, and express answers verbally.
The test closely models the types of listening required in a classroom; students must determine what part of the message needs immediate attention, organize and understand the input, and plan appropriate responses. In order to respond, the student must integrate vocabulary, syntax and morphology, phonology, and thinking.
The Listening Comprehension Test 2 is composed of 5 subtests:
  • Main Ideas
  • Details
  • Reasoning
  • Vocabulary
  • Understanding Messages
Valid and Reliable
The standardization sample for The Listening Comprehension Test 2 included 1,504 children and resembles the 2000 U.S. Census data. Reliability coefficients and SEM for the total test are .91 and 3.65. Results of validity testing revealed that subtests and skills selected were reflective of listening comprehension and language of elementary age students and that the test has a highly satisfactory ability to differentiate children with language disorders from children who are developing language normally. Ninety percent of test items showed statistically significant pass/fail correlations with the subtest scores. Subtest intercorrelations and correlation between subtests and total test ranged from .76 to .92.
For older students, ages 12;0-17:11, please refer to The Listening Comprehension Test Adolescent.
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