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TOPS 3™ Elementary

Test of Problem Solving 3 Elementary

by Linda Bowers, Rosemary Huisingh, and Carolyn LoGiudice - Ages 6;0-11;11

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  • Ages: 6;0-11;11
  • Testing Time: 35-40 minutes
  • Norm referenced; provides standard scores, age equivalents, and percentile ranks
  • TOPS 3 Elementary Complete Kit: Examiner’s Manual , Picture Stimuli Book, and 20 Test Forms
  • Boxed (2005)
The Test of Problem Solving 3 Elementary (TOPS 3 Elementary) assesses a student’s ability to think and reason by evaluating a broad range of language-based thinking skills such as clarifying, analyzing, generating solutions, and affective thinking. Language competence can be an indicator of how a child’s language skills affect his ability to think, reason, problem solve, infer, classify, associate, predict, and determine causes.
The TOPS 3 Elementary has six subtests:
  • Making Inferences
  • Sequencing
  • Negative Questions
  • Problem Solving
  • Predicting
  • Determining Causes
Valid and Reliable
Both an item pool study (690 subjects) and standardization study (1,406 subjects) were conducted for the TOPS 3 Elementary. The test-retest coefficient is .84 for the total test and the SEM is 9.88, indicating satisfactory levels of reliability for all tasks. Construct and contrasted group validity testing indicates that the TOPS-3 Elementary clearly discriminates between normal and language disordered subjects, as t-Values range from .01 to .05. Eighty-five percent of individual items showed statistically significant pass/fail correlations with the task scores.
For students ages 12;0-17;11, please refer to the Test of Problem Solving 2 Adolescent
LSTF4141 -  TOPS 3 Elementary Forms (20) $49.99 
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