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Social Language Development Test–Elementary

Normative Update

Ages 6;0 through 11;11

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Social Language Development Test- Elementary
by Kathy J.,  Appleton, WI
#LST4370 – SLDT-E:NU Complete Kit
I share a building with two other SLP's and we have a high autism population in our school. We really like the SLPT-E to use in evaluations of our students on the autism spectrum. It gives data points and information on their social thinking. I like the test because when giving it, it also gives me an opportunity to observe students verbal strengths and weaknesses when looking through a social thinking lense. Our district has purchased this assessment, but we like it so much we decided to have it as an assessment tool at our school. Thank you for providing this assessment. It is just one more "tool in my toolbox"!

LST4370 -  SLDT-E:NU Complete Kit $224.00 
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