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Webber® MagneFoam®
Basic Concepts Magnets

Level One

Grades PreK-3

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MagneFoam Concepts
by Jill H.,  Kalamazoo, MI
#MAG222 - Basic Concepts MagneFoam® Magnets Level 1
I love the variety of concepts. My students seemed to enjoy them and have great success. My only complaint is the box is kind of big and awkward to carry. Which makes it tricky for a traveling SLP.

Kids love this!
by Alisha H.,  Carrboro, NC
#MAG444 - Basic Concepts MagneFoam® Magnets Levels 1 and 2 Combo
These magnet sets are great. The kids are very engaged with the use of the manipulatives. I do have to say the boxes are very large, but so far I think that the kids enjoyment and engagement is worth the large box. This set also corresponds with the Webber basic concept program.

by Audrey F.,  Texas
#MAG444 - Basic Concepts MagneFoam® Magnets Levels 1 and 2 Combo
Love this product! My little ones love this for reinforcement, getting to pick a magnet to place on the dry erase board. It's great because then we can talk about the magnet, extending to other concepts or getting spontaneous conversation. The magnets are study and labeled clearly on the back. My only fret is that the box is not made for easy storage as it is quite large. It does, however, allow for great organization of the magnets with labels on the inner panel.

Webber Basic Concepts MagneFoam Magnets
by Stéphanie B.,  Québec
#MAG444 - Basic Concepts MagneFoam® Magnets Levels 1 and 2 Combo
I’m so grateful for this product because I can use it in my French practice! For once something I can use without translating it and I don’t have to make it! I wish there were more products like that! Thank you!

by S.N.,  Seattle
#MAG444 - Basic Concepts MagneFoam® Magnets Levels 1 and 2 Combo
I love the magnet tiles. They make the Webber Basic Concepts kit much more fun and tactile for kids and my students stay focused on the concepts much better with this kit. I'm glad I bought this. I never really liked the concept kit until I bought the tiles. The systems work great together. My issues with it are first does Super Duper ever think about how products will fit on a shelf? The boxes are so big that they stick out of my bookcase and create a buldge in the curtain that it sits on. Is it really too much to ask to have products fit the standard shelf size with a width of 11 1/2 inches? Also, the magnets are not easy to get out of their slot. They have this nice cardboard label that sits on top/ The label makes getting the magnets out even harder. Why doesnt SuperDuper just print right on the plastic? I had to relabel everything and get rid of the label pannel in order to make the product more user friendly. Again, I love the product but I think the container could be designed much more user friendly. SLP's have limited storage and virtually no prep time. We need materials that store easily and are fast when accessing.

by Mary Beth Langan
#MAG222 - Basic Concepts MagneFoam® Magnets Level 1
My son used to be obsessed with your Webber Photo Cards. We have nearly all of them. They're our favorite flashcards. We also love your magnet sets.

MAG222 -  Basic Concepts MagneFoam® Magnets Level 1 $69.99 
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MAG444 -  Basic Concepts MagneFoam® Magnets Levels 1 and 2 Combo $139.97 
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