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Webber® Articulation Foam Magnets

For K, G, F, and V

Grades PreK-3

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by Jen G.,  MI
#MAG234 – Webber
Foam Magnets
In addition to articulation therapy, I am going to use this for my students who have autism who prefer objects to pictures to increase MLU. These pieces can be put in a pasta box or with the magnetic fishing poles or on the magnetic board.

Very useful and versitile
by Leah,  California
#MAG234 – Webber
Foam Magnets
I purchased these to be used with a magnetic fishing pole and they work great!! The kids love the game and I'm able to get many trials and laughs. Speech therapy can be fun!!

by Heather,  Columbia, SC
#MAG234 – Webber
Foam Magnets
I loved everything about this from the awesome box, size of magnets, pictures, and the labeled back of the magnets. Really good quality! There are so many things that can be done with these for therapy. I hope more foam magnets are made for other sounds!

MagneFoam Magnets
by Holly M.,  Indiana
#MAG234 – Webber
Foam Magnets
We used this with a student who worked on increasing her vocabulary. We used it with a barrier game and worked on location words (i.e. in vs. out).

Articulation MagneFoamâ„¢ Magnets great for young kids
by Linda N,  jackson, wy
#MAG234 – Webber
Foam Magnets
I work primarily with preschool kids and am always looking for materials that are simple and have clear pictures that I can use in a variety of ways. The Articulation MagneFoamâ„¢ Magnets are perfect. There are so many fun ways that I can use them and the kids love them. I would like to have another set so that I could play matching games.

MAG234 -  Webber® Articulation MagneFoam™ Magnets $69.97 
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