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"6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center

All Grades

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6- in 1 Webber Portable Therapy Center
by Lorraine W,  Saskatchewan Canada
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
Looks to be a great tool for helping speech students.

The "6 in 1" Portable Therapy Center is Great!!
by Nancy M.,  Palos Park, IL
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
I LOVE the "6 in 1" Portable Therapy Center! Since I travel between two schools, it is an easy way to have everything I need in one easy to carry case. The mirror, whiteboard, pouches, and picture card holders enable me to have the tools to work with a variety of clients. So glad I bought it!

Portable Therapy Center
by Susan J.,  Shannon, MS
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
Love this! Such a versatile therapy tool. (Speech mirror, write on/wipe off board, and plenty of pockets for cards and storage.) A necessity for Speech/Language Pathologists!

Therapy Center
by Deborah Cox,  Springfield, VA
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
This is a great tool for use of special education students, especially non-verbal, autistic students. Various levels with pictures on flannel as well as a mirror is useful with students who have speech and attention deficits.

Functionality is Key
by Lashondra F.,  Northern Virginia
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
If it were able to be carried like a purse with a strap to throw over shoulder, I would have given it 5 stars. Otherwise: This portable therapy center is functional and lightweight for the traveling therapist. It has several components that allow for easy access to frequently used materials (i.e. mirror, card slots, pen/pencil slots, velcro, etc) Awesome, thanks!

Must have for traveling SLP!
by Caren D.,  Acworth, GA
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
The Portable Therapy Center is a must have for every traveling therapist! I work in early intervention as an SLP, and travel to children's homes on a daily basis. I love that I have a mirror, dry erase board, Velcro board, pocket chart, and magnetic board with storage pockets in such a light weight carrier that looks like a briefcase. This item has become an essential part of my therapy supplies.

Great Purchase
by Alison B.,  Durham, NC
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
I get so much use out of this during all my therapy sessions, whether I'm using the mirror, or the pockets or the dry erase board. I was hesitant to buy it because of the cost, but I use it so much...it was definitely worth the money!

by Marina,  Fairfax, VA
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
I am a speech therapist for 15 years and I have never had such an easy carry case. My husband gifted me the Therapy Centre for my birthday and now I'm working with children more productively. The parents of my students see me as a professional high class teacher. The only thing that is lacking - a pocket for loose leaf sheets. I had to attach a file pocket to a free side wall.

Can't Live Without It!!!
by Kerry A,  Indianapolis, IN
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
I love this therapy center. It has everything you need on hand! As a First Steps/traveling therapist I needed a mirror for my kids to get visual feedback without having to hold the camera on my phone up for them to see themselves. With this tool, I get a mirror in addition to a dry erase (visual schedules, reward to draw, etc.), magnetic/velcro surface (therapy activities), slots for cards (artic words, sequencing, telling a story, etc.), & storage for pens, dry erase markers, and small materials. It is so easy to carry and versatile....I am sure I will come up with more ways to use it than I already have!! LOVE IT!!!

Portable therapy center
by Holly m,  Indiana
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
This is great! The only thing I would change is I would add a strap so its easier to carry

by Carin B.,  Edmonton, AB
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
This is a super handy product! I can carry a variety of things I need in it. The kids also love the versatility of it being a mirror and whiteboard.

Amazing product!
by Jerinda K.,  Southwest Missouri
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
I use this product in my homeschool for my two kids who are 11 & 6 (my 6 year old also has Asperger's). I have to say, it has proven most useful for us. I use it as a felt board for math and reading, dry erase board for various subjects as well as just for fun, magnets for all of the above, and the mirror is great for practicing facial expressions and for tactile activities such as shaving cream play. I love that everything stores away neatly and the set is compact enough to travel easily but large enough to accommodate all our needs. It is also very easy to clean and sturdy because it's made from vinyl and the insides are all very well made. This is a very genius product that was obviously made by people who knew what parents, educators, and therapists would be looking for. I received a copy of this product to review but all opinions expressed are my own.

Very helpful
by Lama,  Riyadh KSA
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
Very good product and very helpful I wish there is different colours

Excellent Portable Therapy Center
by Cathy J,  Newport Beach, CA
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
I enjoy having my 'therapy center'. I store illustrations and data in the pockets and simply unsnap the case and turn it around when I wish to give a student visual feedback.

Nice but Big
by Dana,  NY, NY
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
I ordered this product because I was mainly looking for a tri-fold mirror. I was excited about all of the extra features, and think it will come in handy for my travel therapy. However, it is a bit bulky and difficult to store. I would have preferred just the old mirror, but this will do.

Two Thumbs Up for the Webber Portable Therapy Center!
by Stacey F.,  Sacramento, CA
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
The therapy is so handy to use when you are on the go. It is fast to set up and the compact size helps me to take only what I need with me. It's lightweight and yet has all of the essentials that I need, dry erase board, mirror and I really love the mini pocket chart!

by Sylvia,  California
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
This is awesome for the itinerant and on the go SLP. I particularly like the mirror at my fingertips. It needs to be mastered as to where to find all the secret compartments quickly and even empty it's got some weight to it or I would have given it 5 stars.

Therapy mirror
by Marilyn CW,  Rochester, MN
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
What a wonderful product. I was looking for a mirror that could go on home visits, and stand up on any table. This is perfect for those clients who need to have visual feedback, and helps with attention! It has enough padding that I can shove it in a (full) therapy bag of materials. As always, thank Super Duper!

by Jackie,  Quincy, MA
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
I chose this because it seemed like an afgordable way to get a good-sized therapy mirror, with a few perks. Well, I'm loving the mirtor AND the perks! My artic students love being able to see their own mouths while they produce sounds. My littler students love the velcro surface for interactive storytelling. I love the portability (even from table to shelf). This is well worth the money!!!

Portable therapy center
by Pam G.,  West Palm Beach, FL
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
Working with young children,this product allows you to work at their level by placing it on the table top. Parents are impressed with the opportunity to practice techniques along side their child or with me, the special instruction teacher

Money Well Spent!
by Megan S.,  Idaho Falls, ID
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
As a traveling therapist, the Webber Portable Therapy Center is an absolute MUST for me! It has everything I need--a card holder, velcro board, white board, pockets for pens, pencils, sticky notes, etc. and a mirror as well! And it all wraps up into one neat little package. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Money well spent!

Great product !!
by Kristin Taylor,  St. Amant, LA
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
I am very happy and excited about the portable therapy center product! I love that it has all of the different compartments an SLP needs included in one place. I use it a lot with my clients and it works great for presenting their targets and allowing them to be able to see themselves with the mirror. Thank you!

Multifunctional Therapy Tool
by Nicole E.,  Staten Island, NY
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
Are you the typical therapist that so many bags you can't hold another thing? This multifunctional therapy tool is great for any busy therapy who wants to condense therapy tools in one fabulous product. The white board is great for writing text cues with an easy to wipe surface. The mirror is fabulous for articulation therapy and is cushioned so it limits chance of breakage.

all in ONE
by Remai E,  Hobe Sound, FL
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
This was a great present for my SLPAs. Instead of buying them a whole basket of materials to use, this solved everything. Wish they had this 15 years ago!!!

Classroom on the road
by Lisa W,  NB, Canada
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
As an itinerant teacher for students who are deaf/hard of hearing, this is a wonderful tool. I call it my "portable classroom". Traveling from school to school and never knowing what type of room you'll be working in, this type of product is indispensable. It is extremely versatile and seems to be very sturdy - which is very important!

VERY satisfied!
by Kym P,  California
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
I am currently at three different school sites and this product is very useful as I take it with me everywhere. The kids love it!

by Abby B.,  Carlisle, PA
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
My son has severe childhood apraxia of speech. We do intensive daily speech therapy with him at home, in addtion to his professional speech therapy. This system has been wonderful for us -- the many pockets help us organize his speech cards so we can transport them easily from home, therapy, and school; the mirror has made therapy so much more fun for him because he loves to watch himself talk; and the dry erase board has made it easier for us to write sentences for him and also has helped with his OT. I highly reccommend this for any parent or speech professional!

So Useful
by Melissa C.,  Los Angeles
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
I bought this five years ago while still a graduate student, and the more experienced I become the more use make I of it. Constantly using the dry erase board with my language kiddos and the mirror when teaching placement to artic students. This summer I'm developing a set of activities for which I anticipate the transparent card holders will be perfect. Great investment!

handy dandy
by JJ,  Oakland, CA
#MIR78 – "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center
I bought this mirror hoping to have a little more mobility. It does provide good mobility although the quality of the material used to produce the reflection is slightly poor. I find the many parts of the therapy to be useful when i am switching classrooms. I am able to use carry my materials around using its many pockets and holsters.

MIR78 -  "6 in 1" Webber® Portable Therapy Center $89.95 
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