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Marshalla Oral Sensorimotor Test™

by Pam Marshalla, M.A., CCC-SLP - Ages 4;0+

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MOST forms review
by Kelsea N.,  Edmond, OK
Record Forms (30)
Just what we needed!

MOST Review
by Marisa G.,  México City
Complete Kit
Hello, my name is Marisa, I'm a speech language pathologist as well as a Learning disability therapist. I love buying items from Super Duper. I live in México but have the opportunity to get stuff from you guys since my grandparents own a house in San Antonio, and I always send your products to their house. I have to say that in México we don't have much opportunity to have standardized tests, such as yours, that give the parents the confidence of what their child is being evaluated on and most of all, compared to kids of their own age. I particularly knew about MOST Test because a boss of me owns it and liked it a lot since it not only evaluates the motor areas involved in speech, but it also asseses resonance and respiration-phonation, important aspect, which form me, are really complicated to evaluate, but you guys have made it really easy. Something that I think you could give a better idea of what to evaluate, or even include in a new revised test, is the Muscular Tone. Most times we also have to evaluate, not only the cheeks and tongue tone (which you already evaluate), but also the neck, arms, shoulders and other body parts which also intervene in the appropriate speech articulation and pronunciation of the words, and not only that, but also help the child chew in a better way. I hope you consider this review because we all have to help each others give a better diagnosis and treatment to our patients. Thanks for your SUPER products, Sincerely, Marisa

by Adriana Moguel,  Guayama Puerto Rico
Complete Kit
I had the oportunity to take the course by internet and is and amazing tool, simple, easy to understand and easy to apply. thanks mrs Marshalla I am one of yours fans

MOST22 -  MOST™ Complete Kit $236.00 
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MOST33 -  MOST™ Test Only $188.00 
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MOST44 -  MOST™ Oral Motor Supplies Kit $48.00 
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MOST55 -  MOST™ Case History Forms (30) $32.00 
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MOST66 -  MOST™ Record Forms (30) $32.00 
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