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Flavored Tongue Depressors

Cherry, Grape or Strawberry in packs of 20, 50, 100, or 150

Pre-K through Adult

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Flavor up your students' oral-motor exercises and exams with these great-tasting tongue depressors!
These individually wrapped, flavored tongue depressors measure 5" x ½". Available in 6 different quantities.
MTD624 -  Cherry Tongue Depressors (50-Pack) $11.45 
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MTD638 -  Grape Tongue Depressors (50-Pack) $11.95 
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MTD343 -  Strawberry Tongue Depressors (50-Pack) $11.50 
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MTD620 -  Cherry & Grape Tongue Depressors (20-Pack) (10 each of Cherry & Grape) $5.95 
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MTD630 -  Fruit Big-Pack Tongue Depressors (100-Pack) (50 each of Cherry & Grape)
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MTD655 -  Jumbo Pack Tongue Depressors (150-Pack)
(50 each of Cherry, Grape & Strawberry)
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