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Story Grammar Marker®

Teacher Manipulative and Mini-Poster

by Maryellen Rooney Moreau - Grades 3-8

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nice product
by Cat,  Michigan
#MWG35 - Story Grammar Marker®
Great tool to use with multiple ages, however Be forewarned (I wasn't) There is assembly required! I was hoping to use this right out of the package, but it has to be totally put together, other than the braid and beads!

Great for re-telling
by Tina,  Fraser, MI
#MWG35 - Story Grammar Marker®
I love the Story Grammar Marker! Great tool for re-telling narratives and allows for visual aid. Students love manipulating the pieces. Useful tool!

Something to Hold on to
by Peggy M,  Half Moon Bay, CA
#MWG35 - Story Grammar Marker®
I'm extremely pleased with the Story Grammar Marker. My students are including more story elements when they retell a story after only a couple of weeks. But my favorite kid-moment came during Writers' Workshop. A student was writing a personal narrative and I mentioned he might like to end with a reflection. He went over to the story rope and held the little hearts on the bottom, signifying the lesson learned. "Like this?" he asked. Exactly, I replied.

by Terri L,  Brooklyn, NY
#MWG35 - Story Grammar Marker®
"Braidy" has become a friend of the students in my therapy room. Braidy helps them to stay on track when composing or retelling a story. The children love to hold Braidy and easily remember what the icons stand for. Tactile cues work best with my caseload and holding onto their friend Braidy helps them achieve success in storytelling!!

Quality tool with great results.
by Seana M.,  Albuquerque, NM
#MWG35 - Story Grammar Marker®
I actually ordered this after my first one from the start-in kit started falling apart. I use the story grammar marker as part of a regular language lesson. I find he visual and tactile cues really help my students focus on the different elements of the story. The kids all line up to use it. Their ability to retell a story using a complete sentence has dramatically increased.

by Melissa Schnell
#MWG35 - Story Grammar Marker®
I really enjoy the story grammar marker and the chipper chap games.

by Kristina P., New Britain, CT
#MWG35 - Story Grammar Marker®
The Story Grammar Marker is a great way for a student to visualize how to put a story together. I use this tool in my lesson plans when I have the students write their own stories.

MWG35 -  Story Grammar Marker® $36.95 
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