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Chewy Tubes™

2, 4, or 6-Pack

Ages 7 and Up

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I love this!
by Ashley G.,  Athens, GA
#OM70 – Chewy Tubes
(4-Pack Yellow)
I love using these when my kiddos are beginning to practice chewing. I often add peanut butter or flavored honey to give the tube some excitement!

Great tool!
by Ashley G.,  Athens, GA
#OM413 – Chewy Tubes
(1 Red & 1 Yellow)
Durable and easy to clean :)

Muy bueno el t tube
by Nikima L.,  Puerto Rico
#OM413 – Chewy Tubes
(1 Red & 1 Yellow)
El t tube me ha resultado muy útil para niños con problemas sensoriales y para niños con problemas oro motores de alimentación. La variedad en tamaños facilita su uso y se ajusta a cada niño en particular.

Nix the rotary
by Sondra B.,  Fredonia, AZ
#OM414 – Chewy Tubes
(3 Red & 3 Yellow)
An excellent tool for improving jaw stability! I have a low-functioning young lady who habitually used a rotary jaw movement (low tone, drooling, and 'clicking' of TMJ each time she rotated). By using the Chewy Tubes during part of her daily feeding, her tone has improved, vertical jaw movement is improving, and she has decreased the amount of drooling. Family & Therapist are satisfied!

super tough
by Meg R.,  Georgia
#OM80 – Chewy Tubes
(4-Pack Blue)
These tubes are very strong for those who really love to chew and bite.

by Nicole,  memphis, tn
#OM80 – Chewy Tubes
(4-Pack Blue)
I love the chewy tubes for my son. They are great for his oral motor.

Chewy Tubes
by Heather G,  Orlando, FL
#OM414 – Chewy Tubes
(3 Red & 3 Yellow)
We use these chew tubes for oral motor exercises and oral sensory input. They are a great tool and our clients love them.

great texture
by Karen,  Southern Colorado
#OM413 – Chewy Tubes
(1 Red & 1 Yellow)
These have the BEST texture. I ordered them for my own kids, 6 and 3, because they seem to keep putting toys in their mouths, especially when bored in the car. We keep one in the car and one by the bedside. I think that these would really be a big hit if they were commerically available to the public.

Chew Tubes Help!
by Sharon Liff,  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
#OM413 – Chewy Tubes
(1 Red & 1 Yellow)
The Chew Tubes are awesome! My son is unable to chew food and these tubes provide him with a safe surface to chew on. We were introduced to them by his SLP years ago and I have been buying them ever since. Thank-you !! Sharon Liff

Blue Chewy Tubes
by Anna H.,  Westminster, CA
#OM80 – Chewy Tubes
(4-Pack Blue)
Best Chewy tubes! Stronger plastic, lasts longer than any other chewy we've tried.

good functional product
by Suzanne W.,  Ringwood, NJ
#OM60 – Chewy Tubes
(4-Pack Red)
I'm an early intervention speech therapist and purchase the 4 pack. I sell them to my parents at cost but it's great to have them available. Good jaw stability is key to better chewing and nice sounds.

i love these
by Madeline C,  Shorewood, WI
#OM80 – Chewy Tubes
(4-Pack Blue)
i have bought threee of these from you guys and i have had great sucess, also i hove told some of my friends and other speech teachers that they should order from this site because it is safe and a good deal.

OM413 -  Chewy Tubes™ (1 Red & 1 Yellow) $18.95 
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OM414 -  Chewy Tubes™ (3 Red & 3 Yellow) $51.95 
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OM60 -  Chewy Tubes™ (4-Pack Red) $35.95 
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OM70 -  Chewy Tubes™ (4-Pack Yellow) $35.95 
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OM80 -  Chewy Tubes™ (4-Pack Blue) $35.95 
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