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Chewy Tubes® P's and Q's


Grades PreK and Up

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Great for First Steps
by Lauren C.,  Louisville, KY
#OM417 - Chewy Tubes P's and Q's (2-Pack)
Great chewy tube for working with little ones in first steps. You can use the Q for bilateral chewing for the ones with feeding issues!

by Karen
#OM417 - Chewy Tubes P's and Q's (2-Pack)
These have the BEST texture. I ordered them for my own kids, 6 and 3, because they seem to keep putting toys in their mouths, especially when bored in the car. We keep one in the car and one by the bedside. I think that these would really be a big hit if they were commerically available to the public.

by Amita Koul
#OM417 - Chewy Tubes P's and Q's (2-Pack)
I love Super Duper products. Every super duper product is unique in its own way. I would like to see more language learning games from super duper. I have articulation cards, oral motor tools and games from super duper and I like every single product I have. I like the vibrating critters most. They are amazing. Thanks for the amazing products.

by Billie Moody
#OM417 - Chewy Tubes P's and Q's (2-Pack)
Thank you for your Sensory and Autism products! They are amazing. We get a lot of use from your card decks!

by Joanna Grissett
#OM417 - Chewy Tubes P's and Q's (2-Pack)
I would like to see more oral motor stimulations toys. I enjoy the chewy tubs and the v-vibes. They help my daughter to get ready for her meals so she is not fighting to eat.

P's & Q's
by Sue B.,  Lomita, Ca
#OM417 - Chewy Tubes P's and Q's (2-Pack)
I am very glad I bought the P's & Q's for my son who is 4 years old and has moderate CP. I bought them to help him with his oral motor skills like chewing skills and strengthen his tongue. He has improved his chewingabilities, lateral tongue movements, and they help to occupy his mouth so he can keep his hands out of his mouth and use them to hold toys and books appropriately. I can also tie them on to his stroller with a chewy rope so he can find them when he needs something to chew on. I also like them because they clean easily and are very durable. Other people comment what a great idea to have letters to chew on and like the novel idea.

by michelle riehle
#OM417 - Chewy Tubes P's and Q's (2-Pack)
I enjoy the NUK brushes and oral motor items you have. You have a great selection. I don't see any other proctucts that I would like to see. When I need something. I can always find it online at your place. Thanks.

by rhonda cowlishaw
#OM417 - Chewy Tubes P's and Q's (2-Pack)
love all the oral therapy products

P and Q chewy tubes great for teething infants!
by Joy W.,  Pensacola, FL
#OM417 - Chewy Tubes P's and Q's (2-Pack)
I am a NICU nurse, doula and mom who received a recommendation from an Occupational Therapist to use the P and Q for teething infants. My son loved them and had two sets. I keep several sets on hand as my standard baby shower gift. The dozens of moms I gave them to love how they work and we even stick them in the refrigerator for special soothing on those especially hard days!!

by Lynn Y
#OM417 - Chewy Tubes P's and Q's (2-Pack)
I value the oral motor products that you carry. My son has speech apraxia so anything that is safe and can stimulate awareness of his mouth is helpful.

by Amber Murphy, Glenolden, PA
#OM417 - Chewy Tubes P's and Q's (2-Pack)
My son loves the chewy tubes. He wasn't really into other products, so it was nice to finally find a good selection of items for us to try. Thanks.

by Elizabeth Pleasants-Smith, Atlanta, GA
#OM417 - Chewy Tubes P's and Q's (2-Pack)
There are sooo many!!! I use products for oral motor, articulation, auditory processing, language, and reading. The "First 100 Sight Words" Fun Deck and other Fun Decks are really, really great! I love the "Can Do" Oral Motor Fun Deck--with kid-friendly pictures and easy to follow instructions. Also the chewy tubes (T, P's & Q's), dentaswabs, flavored tongue depressors, Nuk massagers/brushes, etc. have been invaluable.

by Rhonda Hauenstein, Tell City, IN
#OM417 - Chewy Tubes P's and Q's (2-Pack)
Chewy Tubes - the greatest thing for our daughter who has a sugar storage disease and likes to constantly chew on something - these are easier on teeth than hard plastic toys, etc

OM417 -  Chewy Tubes P's and Q's (2-Pack) $14.95 
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