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Chewy Tubes® P's and Q's


Grades PreK and Up

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Great for First Steps
by Lauren C.,  Louisville, KY
#OM417 – Chewy Tubes
P's and Q's
Great chewy tube for working with little ones in first steps. You can use the Q for bilateral chewing for the ones with feeding issues!

P's & Q's
by Sue B.,  Lomita, Ca
#OM417 – Chewy Tubes
P's and Q's
I am very glad I bought the P's & Q's for my son who is 4 years old and has moderate CP. I bought them to help him with his oral motor skills like chewing skills and strengthen his tongue. He has improved his chewingabilities, lateral tongue movements, and they help to occupy his mouth so he can keep his hands out of his mouth and use them to hold toys and books appropriately. I can also tie them on to his stroller with a chewy rope so he can find them when he needs something to chew on. I also like them because they clean easily and are very durable. Other people comment what a great idea to have letters to chew on and like the novel idea.

P and Q chewy tubes great for teething infants!
by Joy W.,  Pensacola, FL
#OM417 – Chewy Tubes
P's and Q's
I am a NICU nurse, doula and mom who received a recommendation from an Occupational Therapist to use the P and Q for teething infants. My son loved them and had two sets. I keep several sets on hand as my standard baby shower gift. The dozens of moms I gave them to love how they work and we even stick them in the refrigerator for special soothing on those especially hard days!!

OM417 -  Chewy Tubes P's and Q's (2-Pack) $14.95 
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