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Knobby Tubes™

2 or 6-Pack

Grades PreK and Up

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Use Knobby Tubes for clients who crave sensory input to the mouth
and jaw.
Knobby Tubes, (12 mm, 3" x 23/8"), have a grooved handle and the stems have small, round, textured bumps that provide extra tactile input when placed in the mouth.
Knobby Tubes offer a safe, non-toxic surface for developing biting and chewing skills. They are latex- and lead-free. In addition, they contain NO PVC or phthalates.
WARNING!Knobby Tubes are not for continuous chewing or repetitive biting. Use only under adult supervision.
OM424 -  Knobby Tubes (2-Pack) $17.95 
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OM426 -  Knobby Tubes (6-Pack) $48.95 
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