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Five Vibe®

Your complete oral-facial vibratory device!

Grades PreK and Up

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Great overall tool!
by Ashley G.,  Athens, GA
#OM516 – Five Vibe®
I use these for sensory stimulation outside and inside of the oral cavity. Works great! Thank you super duper :)

five vibe
by Asma'a,  Dubai
#OM516 – Five Vibe®
I received the item and its exactly what I expected thank you for the great service and thanks for the great product :)

Great Product!
by Tiffany R.H.,  Stillwater, OK
#OM516 – Five Vibe®
The heads are easy to change and it's compact. I feel like the small size makes it less intimidating for young children.

Built to Last
#OM516 – Five Vibe®
I love using the Five Vibe to 'wake up' our muscles during therapy. I personally love that the interchangeable tips are hard plastic because they won't break or tear easily. Great product for the price!

Used piece??
by Savitha,  burlington,MA
#OM516 – Five Vibe®
One of the battery holder has rust in it. It makes me question, is it an used piece?? But it is working and my daughter likes it. I hope it doesn't cause any problems.

I like it!
by Alison,  Carmel, IN
#OM516 – Five Vibe®
This is a great tool, but it is a little bit different than I expected. The interchangeable tips are very nice, but I thought they would be soft and pliable- kind of rubbery. They are hard plastic, which affects the appeal of the textures on the tips. It is a strong vibration. Compared with some other tools I own for oral motor work, this one has the most intensity. Very nice design for holding in the hand and applying to the face. I'm happy I purchased this and recommend it!

Five Vibe is Excellent
by Maggie F,  Simpsonville SC
#OM516 – Five Vibe®
I work with the pediatric population and travel to their homes and daycares. The Five Vibe is great because of the different attachments. You are able to utilize with more then one client! Excellent!

Five Vibe
by Eleni Koloni,  Greece
#OM516 – Five Vibe®
I used the five vibe and i am very satisfied from this product.

5 Vibe
by Lydia,  USA
#OM516 – Five Vibe®
My clients love the 5 vibe and regularly ask for it to "wake up" their faces before we begin speech or oral motor work. I see a big difference in their motivation, muscle function/awareness and artic accuracy before-and -after. The only 'con' is that the attachment points on the tips break off - I have already lost 2 tips this way. It would be really helpful if you were to offer the replacement tips as a separate product listing.

by Michelle L.,  Middletown, IN
#OM516 – Five Vibe®
I haven't been extremely impressed with this item. One of the tips broke...it was the one I used most. Since I work with young ones, a con is that the vibe is a little large for their mouths. A pro is that it does fit on the finger and is easy to maneuver.

by SLP - Hospital,  Bahrain
#OM516 – Five Vibe®
I would first like to thank the super duper for giving us(SLP) a lot of materials for our therapy which has benefitted a number of clients/patients. five vibe can be used for all age groups for strengthening the oral muscles which in turn helps the speech production.. 80% of my clients ahve benefitted from this. i'm sure rest all would love to use this product. it can be used by the parents also at home to have better and faster improvement. "Best products available with Super Duper- Dont Think just Buy!!!"

OM516 -  Five Vibe® $29.95 
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