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"Can Do"® Oral-Motor

Fun Deck®

by Joanne DeNinno and Kim Gill - Grades PreK-2

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Great for Beginning CFs!
by Abigail A,  Austin, TX
#OMC52 – "Can Do" Oral-Motor
Fun Deck
I got these cards because I had no good set of oral motor exercises. We'd talked about them in grad school, but it was very clinical (e.g., the textbook would give examples of what to do to target specific muscles). NOT great for young kiddos! This product can help a wide variety of patients; I'm especially excited to use these with my new feeding patients! HIGHLY recommend for starting CFs or anyone looking for a good resource!

Oral-Motor cards
by DeAnn,  Phoenix, AZ
#OMC52 – "Can Do" Oral-Motor
Fun Deck
The kids have loved these. Much more fun than just having me demonstrate!

Exercises Made Fun!
by Kerry T.,  Durango, CO
#OMC52 – "Can Do" Oral-Motor
Fun Deck
This deck of cards comes with cute, kid friendly pictures, easy directions, and lots of games to play with the cards. I recommend it as part of your bag of tricks!

Nice for apraxia kids
by Julia M.,  Greenville, SC
#OMC52 – "Can Do" Oral-Motor
Fun Deck
It's a great activity for kids with apraxia.

by Chaya,  Baltimore
#OMC52 – "Can Do" Oral-Motor
Fun Deck
I found this product helpful for making oral-motor exercises fun. I like all the game ideas it gives you.

by Nani,  P.R
#OMC52 – "Can Do" Oral-Motor
Fun Deck
This product has been a big help because it have a great amount of diverse exercises.

A Therapy MUST have!!
by Julie W,  Tampa, Fl
#OMC52 – "Can Do" Oral-Motor
Fun Deck
These cards are wonderful! If your patient is a visual learner I highly recommend them! They are very helpful and have many uses for your therapy needs!

by Isabel S.,  Elgin, Il
#OMC52 – "Can Do" Oral-Motor
Fun Deck
Excellent Product. Kids love the pictures.

Love this Product!
by Verlyn E.,  High Point, NC
#OMC52 – "Can Do" Oral-Motor
Fun Deck
This is a great tool to use with preschoolers. I have several clients who have severe oral motor deficits and they love performing the oral motor actitivies in this packet. The flavored tongue depressors are a must if you choose this product. My clients have so much fun that they don't realize how hard they are working. Thanks Super Duper!

Highly recommend
by Michelle L.,  Middletown, IN
#OMC52 – "Can Do" Oral-Motor
Fun Deck
I love using these along with the larger workbook sheets. I've used these in early intervention for years. They are wonderful and it makes it fun for the kids to get through oral motor exercises! There are many levels included so I just pull out which ones I want for each child. Highly recommend these! I like that they are easy to carry around for home visits as well!

OMC52 -  "Can Do"® Oral-Motor Fun Deck® $14.95 
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