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Vibe Critters™

Bat and Fish Characters

Grades PreK and Up

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Vibe critters
by Tori f,  Nj
#OMS940 - Vibe Critters™
This product is great for my daughter who has sensory disorder. She loves it!

OMS940 - Vibe Critters
by Alatrash A.,  Ottawa, ON.
#OMS940 - Vibe Critters™
“Great items”

Funny & Usefull
by Mariana Rodriguez,  Buenos Aires, Argentina
#OMS940 - Vibe Critters™
This funny & useful oral-motor tool help me to achieve my goals with the little ones having fun!!!!

Vibe Critters
by Ilanith R.,  Far Rockaway, NY
#OMS940 - Vibe Critters™
I love this product. The population I work with have significant oral-sensory delays, and they need input to begin the desensitization process. I can always depend on Vibe Critters to give deep, even sensation that gets us started in our path. Mothers and siblings also love this product, as once it is given over to the family, the batteries run out because everyone ends up using it!

by elizabeth m.,  columbus, oh
#OMS940 - Vibe Critters™
I was thrilled to find that super duper makes these vibe critters after using the old model "elephant" and "alligator", these are better constructed and i like the dial at the bottom which allows the therapist to control the vibration of the toy. Great product!

by Holly J.,  Roanoke, Va
#OMS940 - Vibe Critters™
These were recommended by my son's therapist as he has facial palsy and feeding problems. I wasn't expecting two in the pack which was a nice surprise. I love how you can take the heads off to wash separately from battery parts. Also comes with a nice stand to hold them. High quality items!

Desensitization secrets!
by Kate s,  Ct
#OMS940 - Vibe Critters™
These critters work so well for my overly sensitive kiddos! As an OT, I find I can recommend these to families and it is an easy strategy they can implement on a daily basis with their children!

fun vibe critters
by Ashley H.,  Grayson, GA
#OMS940 - Vibe Critters™
These vibe critters are a fun way to help stimulate the students in my classroom's cheek muscles in order to promote oral motor skills. I love these critters because you can change the speeds on them. They are not very loud and they are cute so they do not frighten my students. They love using them and the speech therapist loves using them when she works with the students too!

Vibe critters
by Erin M.,  Georgetown, KY
#OMS940 - Vibe Critters™
We purchased the Vibe Critters for our 3 year old daughter. She is non-verbal and our speach therapist recommended these. Our daughter loves them and enjoys "waking up" her mouth with them.

High Five for Vibe!!
by Kathleen C.,  Glen Mills, PA
#OMS940 - Vibe Critters™
The families I serve love the Vibe Criters. They are more sturdy than other similar products we have tried. They are easy to wipe clean. The stand offers convenient storage. My team and I were additionally impressed that these critters came with batteries and a tool to access the battery compartment! This product gets 2 thumbs up and a High-Five! I am planning to order more as soon as possible!!

Good Product
by Lisa W.,  Chicago, IL
#OMS940 - Vibe Critters™
The critters are easy for children to use independently and are also easy to clean. Another plus is the ability to adjust the strength of vibration.

Vibe Critters
by Jacquline C,  Powder Springs, GW
#OMS940 - Vibe Critters™
The Vibe Critters worked extremely well for my grandson. The Critters are the perfect size for his small hands. We use it in his class room setting to help him stay calm during circle time.

Vibe Critters
by Leanne,  Newmarket ON, Canada
#OMS940 - Vibe Critters™
My son is autistic and needs alot of sensory input to his mouth. On these vibe critters, you can control the vibration from low to high. My son gets alot of feedback and enjoyment from these little critters!

Cute critters
by Rachel S,  Chicago
#OMS940 - Vibe Critters™
These jigglers are wonderful. Great quality!

for the body, never inside the mouth
by Gemma W,  New York
#OMS940 - Vibe Critters™
I love this product for sensory integration, especially seeing as the jigglers are off the market. Just be cautious that it does not go in to anyone's mouth as the paint comes off very easily and it is made in China.

by Carrie l,  Midland mi
#OMS940 - Vibe Critters™
Reasonably priced and kid friendly product.

Excellent for Feeding
by Marcel B.,  Alburtis, PA
#OMS940 - Vibe Critters™
I was initially using another product similar to this one, and immeidately switched over to Vibe Critters! I like the fact that you can adjust the speed of vibration, they are more solidly constructed and easier to change the batteries! I frequently use the top of these to dip into foods to work on feeding skills & sensory issues. I do wish that there was a holder or case for each one instead of for two. I would highly recomend these for any pediatric SLP!!

by Amita Koul
#OMS940 - Vibe Critters™
I love Super Duper products. Every super duper product is unique in its own way. I would like to see more language learning games from super duper. I have articulation cards, oral motor tools and games from super duper and I like every single product I have. I like the vibrating critters most. They are amazing. Thanks for the amazing products.

great for pre-K
by Ellen,  Colorado
#OMS940 - Vibe Critters™
This is a great product for nonverbal pre-K children. I have found that using the vibe critter before a therapy session increases tolerance of oral-motor activities. It also has a calming influence on behavior, and even seems to increase vocalizations post-use . The con for this product is that it is tricky to clean and sterilize. Water can easily get into the battery compartment and can corrode the components. Therefore, it is best for each child to have a vibe critter reserved exclusively for his/her use.

by michelle riehle
#OMS940 - Vibe Critters™
I enjoy the NUK brushes and oral motor items you have. You have a great selection. I don't see any other proctucts that I would like to see. When I need something. I can always find it online at your place. Thanks.

by rhonda cowlishaw
#OMS940 - Vibe Critters™
love all the oral therapy products

by Lynn Y
#OMS940 - Vibe Critters™
I value the oral motor products that you carry. My son has speech apraxia so anything that is safe and can stimulate awareness of his mouth is helpful.

Oral Motor
by Tricia,  Quad Cities, IL
#OMS940 - Vibe Critters™
I like these critters and how easy they are to adjust. My only complaint and it is substantial is that it is difficult to place in a child's oral cavity in order to work on stimulation and sensation.

by Gail Varney
#OMS940 - Vibe Critters™
The vibe critters are great for calming.

by Yolanda Leon-Ruiz, Miami, FL
#OMS940 - Vibe Critters™
I like the facial and oral massagers. I have been using them with clients who crave sensory input for the mouth and jaw (Angelman syndrome, autism, and sensory integration difficulties for example). My students find them to be terrifically motivating!

by Nancy Young, Carthage, NY
#OMS940 - Vibe Critters™
Your oral motor products have really enhanced my speech and language program. Not only are they durable but my students enjoy them.

OMS940 -  Vibe Critters™ $39.95 
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