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Walk Like A Chicken

Hide and Seek Activity Game for Preschoolers

Ages 3 and Up

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Hop like a kangaroo! Fly like a superhero!
Anyone can have a laugh playing this game! Simply hide the 24 object cards facedown, then seek one out, while acting it out! That's right, if it's the chicken you seek, then walk like a chicken – or, if it's a robot, start doing your best robot dance! Use your memory to remember where the cards are so you can fly like a superhero to that card when it comes up in the round. A great game for exercising the body and the mind! Includes 24 object discs (6" diameter) and instructions. No reading required. For 2 or more players.
Playing Walk Like a Chicken helps children with:
  • Physical development
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Memory
  • Role playing
  • Social development
OSM43 -  Walk Like A Chicken $19.95 
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