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3-D Phonics Bingo

Hands-on, Multi-sensory Bingo Game

PreK-2 Ages 4-8

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Master consonant and short vowel sounds using multi-sensory real-life objects! Hands-on success with CVC words will come naturally as your students enjoy playing the game.
Create a brand new 3-D Phonics Bingo card each time you play by placing 9 of the 36 realistic miniature objects on a game card. Then, choose a letter and say its name and sound ("p" says /p/). Children respond by removing any matching sound objects from their board. The first player with three open spaces in a row wins! Play initial consonant, final consonant, or medial vowel bingo.
3-D Phonics Bingo
  • 36 realistic objects, (material and size of objects vary; 5/8" to 67/8")
  • 4 multi-use bingo cards (8" x 10")
  • 45 alphabet tiles
  • 1 color-coded answer card
  • Game instructions
  • 2-4 players
PC5279 -  3-D Phonics Bingo $44.95 
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