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Sensory Playtivity™ Sensory Discs (Set of 5)

Tactile & Visual Sensations in the Palm of your Hand!

Grades PreK and Up Ages 3 and Up

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Touch, squeeze, explore, and observe with Sensory Playtivity’s Sensory Discs! These 5” diameter Sensory Discs provide captivating and soothing tactile and visual sensory experiences for early learners or for individuals with special needs. These discs are also perfect for fidgety students!
Sensory Discs (Set of 5):
  • Scaly Stuff – The special flip-flopping sequins on this disc have an iridescent quality that changes colors with light refraction. When a finger traces through the scaly maze of sequins they flip over and turn black leaving a design. Roll the sequins back in the opposite direction and they return to shimmering colors. Scaly stuff also has magnetic backing to adhere the disc to metal surfaces.
  • Squishy Stuff – This see through disc pouch is filled with water and non-toxic shimmering, colorful gel beads. It invites kneading and squishing that makes the gel beads move around in the liquid creating a fascinating, ever-changing scene.
  • Fuzzy Stuff – This disc features shag noodles of varying sizes and lengths that are cuddly soft and soothing.
  • Squeezy Stuff – This clear disc pouch contains a non-toxic substance students can’t stop squeezing!
  • Hidden Stuff – This clear pouch disc is filled with loads of colorful beads of all shapes and sizes. It also includes 26 alphabet beads that will appear and disappear as the disc is manipulated. Can your students find all 26 letters?
PC8663 -  Sensory Playtivity™ Sensory Discs (Set of 5) $29.99 
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