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Edmark Reading Program: Level 2

Second Edition, Complete Program

Reading Level – Grades 1-3, Interest Level – Ages K and Up

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Edmark Reading Program: Level 2 – Second Edition, Complete Program, an extension of Level 1, provides one-on-one or small group lessons for students who are not yet ready for a more traditional reading approach.
Learning objectives, classroom activity ideas, and research references are all part of the Program Overview. Lesson Plan/Record Books help teachers track student progress and develop IEP objectives.
Use Edmark Reading Program: Level 2, Second Edition independently or in conjunction with Edmark Reading Program: Level 2, Software.
Learning opportunities include:
  • 200 Words from the Dolch List and early elementary readers
  • Reinforcement of the 153 words and word endings learned in Level 1
  • Compound words
  • Words, phrases, and sentences
  • Vocabulary expansion
  • Stories with 100 illustrated stories and comprehension questions
  • Thinking and discrimination skills
  • Phrase Match lessons that teach comprehension using manipulatives
  • Association between oral language and print
  • Review lessons for every 10 words
Edmark Reading Program: Level 2 – Second Edition is ideal for students who have successfully completed Level 1, have developmental disabilities, or have learning disabilities; Title 1 students who are struggling with phonics approaches; ESL students; and preschool and kindergarten students who are deaf or lack vocabulary development and language awareness.
Complete Edmark Reading Program: Level 2 – Second Edition includes:
  • Program Overview
  • Mastery Test
  • 5 Lesson Plan/Record Books
  • Word Recognition Books 1-4
  • Phrase Match Cards and Boards
  • Stories 1-4
  • Reading and Social Skills Games
  • 2 Display Masks
  • Word Signs DVD
  • 5 Judy's Birthday Party and Certificates
Edmark Reading Program: Level 2 – Second Edition, Lesson Plan/Record Book
Use the Lesson Plan/Record Book to monitor progress of student achievement and plan lessons. It also serves as a guide to the sequence of activities within each Edmark Reading Program lesson. One booklet per student. Lesson Plan/Record Book covers the entire Level 2 program. 8½" x 11". Pack of 5.
PE13650 -  Edmark Reading Program Level 2, 2nd Edition $691.90 
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