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Moving Across Syllables

Training Articulatory Sound Sequences

by Jill Kirkpatrick, Pamela Stohr, and Deborah Kimbrough - Grades PreK-5

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Moving Across Syllables Review
by Brianna F.,  Long Island, NY
#PE9735 – Moving Across Syllables
This is an absolutely incredible resource to add to one's speech repository. I found this workbook invaluable for my highly unintelligible population. The comprehensive, yet quick assessment illuminates specific areas of motoric breakdown. This book provides you with steps from assessment to planning and goal writing.

Digital Version
by Ashley,  Houston, TX
#pe9735 – Moving Across Syllables
Really wish this came in a digital version. I like to copy the images and create decks that are specific to each client. Unfortunately, the spiral bound format is a bit of a hassle as it requires repeated positioning/turning pages to make copies.

Great resource
by Tawni M.,  Seattle, WA
#PE9735 – Moving Across Syllables
This is a great "staple" resource for SLP's! I have found it very useful for treatment planning and working with kids with motor speech delays.

Moving Across Syllables
by Chris M.,  Norman, OK
#PE9735 – Moving Across Syllables
I have coveted this product since working with it as an intern. For kids who need systematic drill for apraxia and phonological disorders, it can't be beat. The stimulus sets allow careful control over articulator transitions that is essential for such clients.

Sensational Speech Resource!
by Krystal,  Adelaide, Australia
#PE9735 – Moving Across Syllables
I have really appreciated use of this fab resource with numerous young complex speech kiddies over the years!! I find the format of the speech targets really useful with children who present with significant motor sequencing and articulation difficulties. The step by step format whereby clusters of sounds types (based on articulation placement) are developed in specific word positions really works well with many of the children I work with! The sheets are simple to use with parents and children and there are a variety of pictures and vocabulary types used! Its a great starter approach with those kids who are quite young and may initially find the more complex/specific approaches of minimal pairs more challenging initially! I find this resource helps open the door in the early stages, but can also be revisited to target more difficult gradings of sounds over time too! Overall a handy resource in my tool kit of speech tools!

Moving Across Syllables
by Vanessa M,  Tucson, AZ
#PE9735 – Moving Across Syllables
This is an excellent resource for SLPs. It is easy to read and follow. I appreciate the research supporting the program. I would highly recommend this resource to other SLPs.

by V.S.,  Clearwater, Fl
#PE9735 – Moving Across Syllables
I ordered this to do with my son who has autism and apraxia. I started doing some of these ideas with him last June with his speech therapist. He went from saying 9 words to saying 20 words in the first 9 months. I would recommend this for any age, my son is 15.

Great resource
by Chris,  Columbia, MO
#PE9735 – Moving Across Syllables
So glad to have this resource for my very involved kiddos.

Wonderful criterion reference and treatment material
by Stephanie Jones,  Macomb, MI
#PE9735 – Moving Across Syllables
Absolutely love this product. This is a must have if working in the schools. It's an evaluation and treatment material combined. It gives specific areas of weakness when it comes to sequencing sounds. This is a must have for SLPS in school and clinical settings. Super Duper is a wonderful resource and they deliver reliable products. If something goes wrong, they fix it immediately.

by Jen D,  Alpine, Utah
#PE9735 – Moving Across Syllables
This book is very helpful... especially with some students with Apraxia type tendencies. It really makes it easy to target words that are a challenge for them. For example, after doing the assessment screener, I found that one student only struggled with multi-syallabic words that moved from bilabial to alvelar. Those words are organized in this book by 1-2-or 3 syllables! Only one regret: I WISH IT CAME ON A DISC!

Highly recommend this
by Kay,  Florida
#PE9735 – Moving Across Syllables
My son went through this program with his speech therapist. I just have to say, please try this. My son went from nearly nonverbal to putting sentences together. And even if your child does not have the benefit of a speech therapist, no problem. If you think your child might benefit from any training in articulation, please try this because the authors give very detailed instructions. If we had not had a speech therapist, I think I could have followed these instructions, from the directions on how to assess your child to determine where in the program to begin training, right on down to suggestions for ways to generalize the skills he has learned. And even if you think your child may not be ready for this program, there are instructions on how to improve his skills to get him ready for it. This program is fantastic, I highly recommend it.

Great for apraxia/phonology
by Tina,  Fraser, MI
#PE9735 – Moving Across Syllables
Moving Across Syllables is great for focused articulation/phonology intervention at the one, two and three syllable level. I have used this with success with students who are apraxic or have articulation/phonology impairments.

AMAZING - don't let the lack of Super Duper colors fool you!
by Cyndy M.,  Tallahassee, FL
#PE9735 – Moving Across Syllables
Bottom line - this is one of the most useful tools you can have in your arsenol. I have the therapists at my clinic administer the MAS test in conjunction with a standardized battery when performing articulation evaluations. It is an "all in one" system for: 1. Easily establishing the precise contexts/movements in which errors occur; 2) Creating activities that only include the precise contexts in which the errors occur; and 3) Tracking progress in a snap. I highly - HIGHLY - recommend therapists consider using Moving Across Syllables.

Great product
by Amy,  NYC
#PE9735 – Moving Across Syllables
I just started using this with a second grade student with apraxia. So far, I love it. The included test gives a great starting point and baseline scores. I look forward to seeing (and recording) progress.

Moving Across Syllables
by Cindy,  Pennsylvania
#PE9735 – Moving Across Syllables
Great value. The test was quick and easy to administer. Helped to pinpoint exactly the syllable level and movement sequences my client needed to work on. Results are easily translated into therapy objectives with the treatment materials included right in the manual.

PE9735 -  Moving Across Syllables $89.00 
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