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Feed the Woozle

A Game of Silly Snacks and Mixed-Up Moves!
No reading required!

Grades PreK-1 Ages 3-6

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Fun non-competitive game that gets kids laughing!
by Monica B.,  Allentown, PA
#PK524 – Feed the Woozle
What a great game to teach teamwork and get students (and SLPs!) laughing too! My students love this game so far. It is very durable, so I anticipate that I will use it in therapy for many years to come!

Super fun!
by Kendra D.,  Klamath Falls, OR
#PK524 – Feed the Woozle
I am a preschool SLP, this game is a great tool to engage the kids in improvement of their language and/or articulation skills. This game is easy to adapt to whatever task you have in mind. And the kids love the Woozle!

PK524 -  Feed the Woozle $24.95 
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