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The Memory Palace

A Storytelling Game that Builds Memory and Imagination
No reading required!

Grades K and Up – Ages 5 and Up

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The Memory Palace game uses storytelling and association to build memory skills and imagination.
Players explore their imaginations and test their memories while creating silly stories about 27 different animal tokens. Players share wacky stories as they place their tokens facedown in a room, but you have to be careful! There are Memory Monsters lurking in the palace trying to confuse you! Successfully remember where each animal is on the board without turning over a Memory Monster, and everyone wins!
The Memory Palace
  • 16 palace tiles (6" x 6")
  • 3 Memory Monster tokens (2")
  • 27 Animal tokens (2")
  • Instructions
  • 2-4 players
PK645 -  The Memory Palace $21.95 
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