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Webber® BIG Apraxia Photo Cards

by Sharon G. Webber and Amber Hodgson, M.A., CCC-SLP - Grades PreK and Up

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Webber Big Apraxia Photo Cards
by Keri T.,  Oakland, NJ
#PRAX450 – Webber BIG Apraxia Photo Cards
These cards are amazing! It is a very thorough material with vibrant pictures that my students love to use.

Wonderful for more than speech sounds
by Stephanie O,  Skowhegan, ME
#PRAX450 – Webber BIG Apraxia Photo Cards
This box is great for a variety of your clients/patients/students. You can use them for late talkers, apraxia, articulation, vocabulary. I've used them to make silly sentences or to work on sentence structure. I've been able to use them for opposites, associations, etc. It's organized by initial sounds but you can find plenty of card to work on final sounds as well. The organized booklet is helpful for finding cards for when you are working on the other categories I listed above! I also caught this on one of SD 50% off sales!

Great Product
by Lauren V.,  Kansas City, MO
#PRAX450 – Webber BIG Apraxia Photo Cards
I love the size of these cards and the different syllable shapes they offer. Great product.

Apraxia cards
by Brittany V,  Long Island, NY
#PRAX450 – Webber BIG Apraxia Photo Cards
These cards are very useful for preschool children with apraxia. They are colorful cards that came neatly organized by phonemes (consonants and vowels). They allow you to target the one phoneme or entire word, depending on child's level.

nicely organized
by Maggi R.,  St. Charles, IL
#PRAX450 – Webber BIG Apraxia Photo Cards
These pictures are organized by sound and syllable/word type. They can be arranged by level of difficulty so it is easy to move through a group within the same therapy session.

PRAX450 -  Webber BIG Apraxia
Photo Cards
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