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Ring Bling®

The Handy Game of Following Directions

by Sarah Michaels, Thea Wilson, Clint Johnson, and Sharon G. Webber - Grades K and Up

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by Jennie R.,  Deer Lodge, TN
#RB65 - Ring Bling® Game
I use this with my speech kiddos and they seemed to like it. It is a great motivator.

by Amy,  North Carolina
#RB65 - Ring Bling® Game
I would love to have an expansion pack for this game. It is highly motivating but just needs more cards.

Fun Learning!
by Chris,  Columbia, MO
#RB65 - Ring Bling® Game
Always looking for new ways to drive home following directions and this is a really fun way to do that!

More helping hands please
by Karen R.,  Princeton, KY
#RB69 - Ring Bling® Extra Hands (4-Pack)
Additional hands pack allowed for larger groups to play at one time!

Students Love this Game
by Karen R.,  Princeton, KY
#RB65 - Ring Bling® Game
All ages love this game from preschool to 5th grade. I used it for language and speech sounds.

Amazing Fun for the Whole Family
by MomMomOnTheGo,  Vancouver, BC
#RB65 - Ring Bling® Game
We recently had a chance to play the Ring Bling Game. It is a lot of fun and will have everyone laughing and giggling. My girls love the game and no doubt with all the rings. To read my full review please visit my website. http://mommomonthego.com/super-duper-publications-ring-bling-review-giveaway/

BIG Ring Bling Fans!
by Andrea Y.,  Canada
#RB65 - Ring Bling® Game
I am a parent of 4 young children and the three oldest are HUGE fans of Ring Bling. It is an easy to learn game, and definitely brought forth a lot of giggles as they tried to act out the different actions/scenarios on the cards. LOVED it! The best part is that as they are laughing and enjoying themselves, they are also learning. Even us parents got in on the fun a few times and earned a few 'rings' of our own. Would definitely recommend this game to other families!

Perfect Interactive Game
by bassgiraffe,  Waterloo, ON
#RB65 - Ring Bling® Game
As a parent I really love this game. It’s great to encourage your child’s imagination and it helps them learn how to take directions. It’s a great educational tool, teaching them before & after, following simple commands and helps them think about the “if’s”. I would recommend this game to parents with young kids and to schools as a great “rainy day” activity. For classrooms you can purchase extra rings and hands, that way you can include more children.

Fun and entertaining game!
by Jerinda K.,  Southwest Missouri
#RB65 - Ring Bling® Game
This game is very unique and yet super fun! My whole family enjoyed playing it immensely and really love the crazy and outlandish instructions that were given. We had a blast acting out the crazy scenes such as, "First name your caterpillar, then name your dinosaur." What fun!

Fun for boys and girls
by Gilda,  Boston, MA
#RB65 - Ring Bling® Game
The kids had so much fun playing this and loved the rings it comes with. There are sports and dinosaur rings too so boys have fun playing also. The design of the game is super cute! It involves reading of cards and then being creative and pretending based on funny card descriptions. The Happy Hands are super cute. You are supposed to win with 12 rings but my kids wanted to keep playing so we used the extra rings we had that were from a 4th player. My kids really enjoyed playing and couldn't wait to play it again. I had fun too.

Ring Bling!
by Danielle C,  Chestertown, MD
#RB65 - Ring Bling® Game
My students love this game!! Very motivating! Also not very expensive. It fits in nicely with the school curriculum, and really builds on language skills.

The Kids Loved It!
by DLB,  San Jose, CA
#RB65 - Ring Bling® Game
I bought this product the same day as it was introduced via email. The kids love it. They "Oh and Ah" over the rings. I was happy to see rings appropriate for both boys and girls. The activities are witty and keep the kids involved. It's an appropriate tool for both school and clinic based clinicians. The only slight disappointment is the number of activity cards that were included. I would have liked more. I'll await the add on kit.

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