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Reading Gym Rapid Repetition Lowercase Alphabet Flashcards

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These 26 laminated, double-sided, lowercase alphabet flashcards (5½" X 3½") target:
  • Accuracy and automaticity of letter sounds and names
  1. Go through the deck quickly. The child will repeat the coach making the correct sound.
  2. Picture Side: Coach holds flashcard deck (random order) with the picture side facing the child. Showing the child the picture side, the Coach says the letter sound, “t.” Child repeats. Coach puts card down in front of child with font side showing to help actual letter and sound go into long-term memory.
  3. Letter Side: Repeat for letter side.
  • This is a fast activity that the child should perceive to be easy. We are looking for correct letter sound identification and letter sound production through simply copying the Coach. This activity is an amazing form of errorless learning, and as we know, perfect practice makes perfect!
  • Target letter sounds or letter names. We feel the letter sounds are the most important because sounding out words requires knowing the letter sounds.
Have child try to go through picture side saying the sounds without much help. When successful with this activity, graduate to the letter side.
RG110 -  Reading Gym Rapid Repetition Lowercase Alphabet Flashcards $12.95 
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