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RG Make a Pile, Steal a Pile Short Vowels Card Game

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30 laminated, double-sided, short vowels cards (a, e, I, o, u). 3" x 3".
  • Coach (Adult) deals one card facedown to the player to his/her left.
  • The first player will turn his/her card faceup on the table. This is the start of his/her first pile. Player will say, “a is for apple” or “o is for octopus” or whatever the card shows.
  • Coach deals the next card facedown to the next player.
  • Players may steal another player’s pile if they get the same card. For example: If Player #2 gets “a for apple,” he/she can steal Player #1’s entire “a is for apple” pile.
  • Continue until there are no cards left in the deck.
It’s a fun and exciting game! The player with the most cards at the end wins.
RG111 -  RG Make a Pile, Steal a Pile Short Vowels Card Game $9.95 
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