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5 W’s Game

Who? What? Where? When? Why?
Level A - Skill Introduction

Grades 2 and Up

Main Product Samples Instructions PDF Related Handy Handouts Common Core State Standards
"Read all about it!"
Players move around the colorful game board, read "newspaper articles" from the Bovine City Daily News, and earn points by answering WH questions. This laugh-out-loud game is sure to be a favorite with reluctant and struggling readers, as well as those performing on grade level.
5 W's Game has two types of skill cards and three levels of play.
  • Level 1 uses only the 25 Skill Introduction Cards. This is the introductory level of the game.
  • Level 2 uses both Skill introduction and the Questions Cards. Use this level as players' skills increase.
  • Level 3 uses only the 50 Questions Cards. Use Level 3 after players develop an understanding of the 5 W's.
Level A - Skill Introduction:
  • Introduction to basic 5 W's concepts (Who, What, When, Where, and Why)
  • 30-50 Word reading passages
5 W’s Game
  • Game board (15¾" x 15¼")
  • 50 Question Cards (10 each of the 5 W's) (3¼" x 4¼")
  • 25 Skill Introduction Cards (3¼" x 4¼")
  • 6 Pawns (1")
  • 1 Die (½")
  • Instruction and answer booklet
  • 2-6 Players
RM6005A -  5 W’s Game $24.99 
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