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MagneTalk® Early Classifying

Magnetic Board Game

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Grades PreK and Up

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MagneTalk Early Classifying
by Stephanie B,  Fort Smith, AR
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
Wonderful way to help achieve categorization objective and increase vocabulary at the same time!

MagneTalk Early Classifying
by Victoria S.,  Melbourne, FL
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I primarily work in early intervention and all my clients LOVE this game. The board and pictures are the perfect size to transport from house to house. I definetly recommend buying this product because it is very versatile.

Love MagneTalk!
by Lisa S,  Oakville, WA
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I just received this and used it right away with a young client. I have other MagneTalks and love them all. This one is fabulous, too. Great magnetic pictures of a handy size; easy to manipulate and transport; and a high interest activity. My client loved it and was able to hold and attach the pictures easily in spite of having fine motor difficulties. I'd definitely recommend this fun activity!

by Nicole M.,  Tampa, FL
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
The kiddos love this game!

by Stacie M.,  Phoenix, AZ
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I just used this yesterday with one of my students I work with and what a great tool for learning to classify! It was the first time he was able to tell me the pictures and what they were. Thank you for a great product!

Love these magnetic boards
by Stacie M.,  Buffalo, NY
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I love these magnetic boards and there are so many different ways you can use them when working with kids!

Classifying Tool
by Cheryl M.,  Brooklyn, NY
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
The MagneTalk Early Classifying is an engaging tool for teaching classifying skills to young students. My students enjoyed the hands-on magnets and the challenge of placing them correctly. The flexibility of how to use the magnets is also helpful. The one big issue I have with this board is that there are only 5 categories. I find this very limiting. I wish this board could be more all-encompassing by including more categories. Then, I would be able to use this as a comprehensive tool for teaching classifying.

by Gabrielle G.,  Hollywood, FL
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
This is a great tool to use to help children learn to classify and categorize everyday objects. The pictures resemble real life objects, which make it easier for the child to identify with.

early classifying
by Holly M,  indiana
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
This works well with our younger kiddos. They enjoy each category having its own space.

MagneTalk Early Classifying
by Nicole,  Utah
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
Great activity to reinforce classfication. I love that it uses really pictures of the objects. Very easy to store and love that it is magnetic.

Love this simple yet fun game!
by Kecia,  Georgia
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
This board game is a great way to introduce classification to little ones. My almost three year old and I enjoy putting the magnets into the right categories while also conversing about the pictures. I love that it promotes so many skills that he will need in the future! It really makes learning fun.

Simple and Fun
by Nancy P.,  Glendale, AZ
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
This is a simple and fun game. The whole board is magnetic. The board is divided into 5 categories, transportation, clothing, animals, food, and around the home. Some of the skills that children can work on with this game is classifying, vocabulary, critical thinking, and fine motor. There are 35 magnetic tiles, 7 for each category. My Preschooler loved playing this game. We played a few different ways building the vocabulary. Easy to clean up and store when done.

Portable & fun!
by Jerinda K.,  Southwest Missouri
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
This is great for taking along anywhere because it stores away neatly and compactly, has handles for easy carrying, and the magnets are strong so they stay put even in the car. My son (6 years old) loves to play with this, even if the concept is a bit simple for him, and he even uses his imagination to create stories to go along with the pictures.

Great, High Quality Activity!
by Andrea Y.,  SK, Canada
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
We loved this activity for our preschoolers. Perfect for kids ages 2-4! The game is easy to play, and the board & magnets are high quality and won't be easily bent or ruined. Comes in a cute carrying bag as well!

Awesome Game for Teaching Classification
by Sarah L,  Ohio
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
Our 3 year old absolutely loves this game. It is a fun way for him to learn classification and it is helping him build his vocabulary which is awesome!

Perfect for Hands on Learning
by Mandy Coen,  Payette, ID
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I love that the kids can get hands on while learning what items go into which category. I also love that the back of the board has 4 different activities you can for different levels.

Love It
by Heather,  Los Angeles, CA
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I love the flexibility that Magna Talk brings.I can use it for a variety of cases such as building on sentences, making sentences and more. I also have to say that it looks quite durable.

Magne Talk Early Classifying
by Sharisse M.,  Calgary, AB
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
This classifying game is great for preschoolers and kindergarteners who are experiencing category and vocabulary issues. It can be used as is, or expanded for verbal discussion, matching, etc.

by Beth S.,  New York, NY
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I used this with preschool inclusion students. I love that there are seven examples for each group. Sometimes there are only 4 or 5 and those extra two extends the usefullness further. It is another great example of the Magnetalk products

Fun Concept
by Ashley N.,  Tulsa, OK
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
Colorful images on the magnets. Good activity for young children with language delays. The board is too complex to use with children who have significant global delays.

Early Classifying Activity
by Katherine,  NJ
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
This is the first superduper item I have purchased (just starting my clinical fellowship). I am so pleased with my purchase because I am able to work on not only classification skills with this product but as well as wh-questions, describing picture items by function, negation, and so much more. Everytime the kids see this item in my bag they get excited! Thanks super duper for a wonderful product! Can't wait to find more treasures!

MagneTalk Early Classifying
by Dyanne K.,  Redwood City, CA
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I am buying this product for the second time because I used the first one so much! This is an essential tool for early intervention and preschool. Pictures are clear, categories are easily identified, and magnets are sized well for small hands. Magnet Mitts are a fun addition to this product.

Easy to use...
by Robyn D,  Woodstock, Ga
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I love this game as it has many uses and encourages good conversation, allows for WH questions, same/different discussions, and the obvious sorting. What I don't like is the way the game is made as the magnets tend to break easily/in half but the plastic cover helps keep it intact. Over time my magnets tend to curl or not stay as tight to the board but I continue to use it despite that because its such a fun product to have in my repertoire of games for my clients.

MagneTalk Early Classifying
by Tina S.,  Georgia
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I have used this with my Deaf students. It is very helpful for teaching categories to these students. The student enjoy working with this program. Once shown how to maneuver the program, it was east to let them work on their own. I also like the way that I am able to keep track of their progress with program.

by Jayne Watkin
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I love the MagneTalk boards. They are so bright and colorful and my students love to put the magnets where they belong.

Interactive & Engaging!
by Melissa S.,  St. Louis
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
My students enjoy all magnetic activities, and this classifying board is a hit! I love that my students are enjoying themselves while still learning.

by Mimi Spruill
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I like the Magne products, these are very motivating for my students. If you could make a Magne product that allowed students to participate in circle time activites. Something that I could put in their hands when teaching off the board seems too far away for them.

by Stacey Bosley
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I really enjoy the magnetic boards the most. The children love them and it makes therapy so much more interesting than just using worksheets. The opposites are my favorite!

by Julia Churba
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I love the magneboards and the articulation photo cards.

by Mary Beth Langan
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
My son used to be obsessed with your Webber Photo Cards. We have nearly all of them. They're our favorite flashcards. We also love your magnet sets.

by Amita Koul
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I love Super Duper products. Every super duper product is unique in its own way. I would like to see more language learning games from super duper. I have articulation cards, oral motor tools and games from super duper and I like every single product I have. I like the vibrating critters most. They are amazing. Thanks for the amazing products.

by Amy Triggs
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I love the fun, coulourful games that make therapy more enjoyable for the students and myself!

by Kristie
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I love the magnet board games. It is so much easier to take games on the road or into preschool rooms when you don't have to constantly worry about pieces falling or getting knocked down or blown off. The magnets are so sturdy.

by Brenda king
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I love the games and hands on activities. The children love them.

by Christine Stein
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I enjoy the magnetic products, animal grabbers, and Chipper Chat products the most!

by Allison Lange
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I enjoy the games and fun decks the most.

by Mary Mejia
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I would love to see more magnetic games. My kids enjoy it so much! This site was brought to my attention by my children's Speech Therapist, and I am so thankful to her for sharing this delightful site!

by Racheal Montgomery
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I enjoy your products and love your language games/activities. I would like more interactive products and language stimulating toys for early childhood. I work with many pre-kindergarten students and would benefit from a larger variety of products for children at this age. I love the fluency enhancing tools and the Magne Talk activities.

by Bobbie Drake
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
As a mother of a fourth-grader who has Asperger's, I particularly enjoy all of the games and social skills activities that you have available. All of your products appear to be so fun and enjoyable for the kids, that they probably don't even realize that they are picking up some very important life skills while they are playing them. That's important, because, after all, why shouldn't social skills games be just as entertaining as any childrens game? You guys obviously 'get' kids ---thanks!!!

by Susan Kwass
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I work with some pretty severe language delayed kids. The magnetalk activities are great for them Please make more for the little or low level langugae kids!

by Jackie Bilancini
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
The Super Duper products that we have that I enjoy the most at this time are the chipper chat and MagneTalk Early Classifying board. I love to use chipper chat in therapy with my artic and lang patients. They love the colorful boards, and I love that it gives them a visual of what they need to complete to gain there desired play item at the end of therapy. MagneTalk Early Classifying board is wonderful for vocabulary with my younger kids. Not only is it great for classifying, but the pictures make it wonderful to work on describing or naming items that have been described.

by Karen McManus
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
Super Duper has GREAT games and ideas that we use frequently in our school therapy sessions.

by Lynn Herndon
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
service is great! we just ordered the Funalogy game. Our children love the games & anytime we use the secret decoder.

by Christy Shuffield
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I love the Super Duper games! My students don't even realize they are learning! I have been ordering your products for years and I think Super Duper is just that-SUPER DUPER! Thanks for being an SLP's best friend!

by Nora Sedlock
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I think all your games and tools are great. I use them on a daily basis. I love the artic cards, the magnet matching kit, and everything else you guys offer. Thanks for all the hard work!

by Amanda Marino
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I really enjoy the Magnet Board series. They are so versatile and can be used for articulation, auditory processing, memory, fluency and language skills. The children love this activity because the magnets make it interactive and enjoyable. The stories are great for sequencing and listening for details.

Fun & Easy
by SLP - Other,  Houston, Tx
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
This one is so easy and fun to use. Good for SLP's on the go. Kids love the magnets!

by Malka Arnstein
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I love all of Super Duper products. I especially love the MagnaTalk Boards. There fun, creative, and really help many students meet their annual goals.

by Janet Drab
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I love the Sort & Say Early Classifying for my multi-handicapped students.

by Celia J
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
You all can serve us better by having more classifying games because my children in my class love it! I would like to see more math games as well. I really love all the classifying games. My favorite will be the sort and say early classifying games.

by Donna Goulet
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I love the magnetalk and magnetic boards (ie. pirates, pet shop) Great company!

by Judy Hale
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I love the Magnetalk boards and my students love them, too! I'd love to see more of these with different themes.

by Nicole Zimmerman
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I love your site! I would love to see more board games/ manipulatives to keep kids excited about tx! I love the Mage-Talk! It can be used for so many goals and the kids love it!

by Joanne, Manzini, MI
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I love the magnetic games with the photo tiles. Not only does it give my kids a realistic picture of the vocabulary items, it also lets them use hands-on manipulation--which they love!

by Gretchen A. Curtis, Andover, MA
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
Wow, I'm not sure how to answer this question. I have TOO MANY favorites! I love the classics: Articulation Chipper Chat, Mighty Mouth, all the picture cards, and "WH" question products. But my two new favorites are: Photo Phonology minimal pairs cards, and the Early Classifying Magnetic Game board. They are both incredibly versatile, colorful, realistic, and motivating for the children and me! Thanks again!

by Jenny Hampton, Italy Tx
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
Just got the MagneTalk Early Classifying Game and love it. All my students enjoy playing it, even the older ones!

by Tina Hoyt, Lawrenceville, GA
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I especially enjoy the MagneTalk games, for artic, categorization, sequencing, etc....They are more fun than typical picture cards and manipulating the pieces in a game-like fashion is very motivating for my students.

by Madelyne Torres, Cary, NC
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
The children love the magnetal games, they are very colorful and fun. I like them because they are very practical, easy to carry around and keep organized.

by Amy Wood, Ankeny, Iowa
#SAS10 – MagneTalk® Early Classifying
I love your magnetic materials, especially the magnetic board for sorting into categories. I like the fact that you incorporated real pictures. I have used the board for working on categories, feature/function/class and articulation language samples. Thanks for a great product.

SAS10 -  MagneTalk® Early Classifying $24.95 
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