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MagneTalk® Survival Signs

Magnetic Game

Grades PreK and Up

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Signs are everywhere! Use this magnetic game board and tiles to teach some of the basic signs everyone needs to know. This set includes a open-ended game board (14" x 18") of a town scene that helps players use the signs in context. Includes 48 magnetic tiles, 24 signs, and 24 matching descriptions of each sign for added learning. Tiles vary in size from 1 ¼”
to 3”.
Signs include:
Wet Floor
Wet Paint
Fire Extinguisher
Men's Restroom
Women's Restroom
Out of Order
Keep Out!
Sorry…We Are Closed
Yes…We Are Open
Watch Your Step
Do not eat or drink this.
Be careful. This floor is slippery.
Do not touch!
Use this to put out a fire.
Recycle your trash here.
This is a bathroom for boys and men.
This is a bathroom for girls and women.
This does not work.
Stay away!
We are not open now.
You may come in.
Be careful. There are stairs here.
Don't Walk
Bus Stop
Speed Limit 50
Beware of Dog
No Diving
Railroad Crossing
No Trespassing
It is not safe to cross the street.
This is a way out of the building.
You must stop here.
Sick people go here.
This is a place to get on a bus.
Do not drive over 50 miles per hour.
Watch out for the dog!
Do not dive here.
Trains cross here.
You may cross the street here.
You can make a phone call here.
Stay out of this private area.
SAS132 -  MagneTalk® Survival Signs $24.95 
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