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MagneTalk® Magnetic Mealtime

Magnetic Board Game

by Audrey Prince - Grades PreK and Up

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by Romina,  BsAs
#SAS134 – MagneTalk® Magnetic Mealtime
Was very appealing to children. I recommend

Great material
by Cassidy hahn,  Ukiah, CA
#SAS134 – MagneTalk® Magnetic Mealtime
This product is easily portable and can be a spring board for many meal time activities. I have used this with a wide range of ages. It can be a simple sorting and category tool or a way to build complete sentences that include conjunctions. The pictures help those students that need visual support to elicit language. Plus it can be used receptively to build vocabulary and listening skills.

Amazing How Little They Know
by Holly,  Dallas, TX
#SAS134 – MagneTalk® Magnetic Mealtime
I used this with children ages 4-6, I learned how much they didn't know about where their food comes from. Guess that's what happens when everything is pre-packaged. It was an eye opener for all of us.

Speech Language Pathologist
by Lee F.,  Chicago, IL.
#SAS134 – MagneTalk® Magnetic Mealtime
Great activity for the little ones to get a mean length of utterance!

Easy and Fun
by Dawne,  Illinois
#SAS134 – MagneTalk® Magnetic Mealtime
This is a compact and realistic vocabulary tool that is perfect for little hands to explore. My students happily create meals while learning about familiar and new foods. It is a worthwhile investment for any therapist's "bag of tricks."

MagneTalk Mealtime
by Hillary R.,  Melville, NY
#SAS134 – MagneTalk® Magnetic Mealtime
Who's hungry!? My kids absolutely love this product! It reinforces categorizing as well as the healthy food groups. We also use this product to expand our language while we discuss our favorite foods. Thanks Super Duper for allowing my students to play with their food!

Magnetalk Magnetic mealtime
by Shiree Nguyen,  Seattle Washington
#SAS134 – MagneTalk® Magnetic Mealtime
I love this product so much that I bought a second one when It was on sale. It needs more dairy examples

by Diane,  South Carolina
#SAS134 – MagneTalk® Magnetic Mealtime
This game offers reinforcement of vocabulary building centered around one of my favorite things - food. The kids can plan a meal and pretend to feed it to their special stuffed animal or doll. You can sort by type, color or taste. Talk about good food choices. Practice setting the table. The fun is only limited to your imagination.

Fun Product
by M.D.,  CHarlleston, SC
#SAS134 – MagneTalk® Magnetic Mealtime
I enjoy most of the Magnetalk products. I use with my little Early Intervention clients as well as Pre-k to work on classification and higher level activities. Good quality and small enough to tote around.

by Annie Legault,  St Andrews, NB
#SAS134 – MagneTalk® Magnetic Mealtime
I remember learning about the different food groups when I was much older than my children. Pierre is 2 years old and Virginie 4. I keep the game out on the table. When they eat something they put it on the plate in the middle of the boardgame. After bath time I ask them to find what I name that is left and put it on the right group. Been French, I use it to teach them in French and in English. It is simply brilliant, as even my 2 year old know the different food group. I love it!

SAS134 -  MagneTalk® Magnetic Mealtime $24.95 
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