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MagneTalk® Spanish Early Classifying

Magnetic Board Game

by Melanie Frederick - Grades PreK and Up

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Excellent classifying tool
by Deana,  Washington state
#SAS135 – MagneTalk® Spanish Early Classifying
My SLP-A and the classroom teachers love this one because even if they don't have Spanish background, they can easily use this tool. It is teaching everyone involved!

Magne Talk
by Marilyn Vega,  Puerto Rico
#SAS135 – MagneTalk® Spanish Early Classifying
Comenze a trabajar on el tablero de categoria semantica. Me a sidi util por que es una buena orma que los ninos puedan aprender a nombrar las categorias y lasificarla. Por lo que he reomendado a otras colegas a que lo compren.

Great buy
by Erica V,  Miami , fl
#SAS135 – MagneTalk® Spanish Early Classifying
So glad I got this on sale. The kids love magnets. It's easy to understand categories with this toy. I use with eng and span clients. You can also touch on functional use. I use this several times daily

Great Product..!!!
by Miriam,  Toronto, ON
#SAS135 – MagneTalk® Spanish Early Classifying
My children like to work with this product. They enjoy putting the magnets on this board.

Great product!
by Jacqueline D.,  Cary, NC
#SAS135 – MagneTalk® Spanish Early Classifying
I really like this product! I bought it not only to work on categorizing, but to also work on comparing and contrasting nouns. Children enjoy putting the magnets on this board or the barrier board. I can see myself using this with adults as well.

Spanish Classifying Cards Are Great!
by Bridget C.,  San Diego, CA
#SAS135 – MagneTalk® Spanish Early Classifying
I love using the Spanish classifying cards with preschool students. They really enjoy working with the magnets and putting them in the correct spots.

Helpful product
by LJ,  Texas
#SAS135 – MagneTalk® Spanish Early Classifying
This has been a great hands on activity for my English and Spanish speaking clients in order to address categories.

Great visual aid!
by Marilyn N.,  Brooklyn, NY
#SAS135 – MagneTalk® Spanish Early Classifying
This product makes vocabulary and concept development fun for my clients. They love manipulating the magnetic pictures.

Spanish Classifying
by SLP - Other,  Westchester, NY
#SAS135 – MagneTalk® Spanish Early Classifying
This resource has been a wonderful addition to my bilingual therapy materials, and the kids love it! It is compact and comprehensive, and a great way to teach classification.

SAS135 -  MagneTalk® Spanish Early Classifying $24.95 
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