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MagneTalk® Following Directions

Magnetic Board Game

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Grades PreK and Up

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Students love it!
by Hayley L,  NY, NY
#SAS142 – MagneTalk® Following Directions
My students love the silly directions they follow. Each one loves taking the lead to make up a full sentence directive for the other. It works on their receptive, expressive, AND pragmatic skills!

Speech Language Pathologist
by Lee F.,  Chicago, IL.
#SAS142 – MagneTalk® Following Directions
This MagneTalk was great for seeing if the little ones can follow one and two-step directions. It was great!

Following Directions
by Kim B.,  Fort Smith, AR
#SAS142 – MagneTalk® Following Directions
Magne Talk Following Directions is a great product to use with younger kids. They love to use the magnanets and follow the directions. This product keeps the kids engaged the entire time.

Visuals make all the difference!!
by April. S.,  Newfoundland, CA
#SAS142 – MagneTalk® Following Directions
My son who has ASD does great with following directions during this game! We love how simple the visuals are:)

Fun Directions!
by Amy,  Minneapolis, MN
#SAS142 – MagneTalk® Following Directions
I love having a fun direction activity for following directions! It is a fun way to build positive behavior and language skills.

Magnets are Great - Board is Faulty
by Angela D.,  Fort Worth, Texas
#SAS142 – MagneTalk® Following Directions
I bought this game initially for the travel bag and the fact the magnets were large and sturdy - unfortunately the board is compromised and already has two cracks down the middle (one on top and one on the bottom). I've fixed both, and the game is still very good. The pictures are great for following directions - especially the directions written in large magnets.

SAS142 -  MagneTalk® Following Directions $24.95 
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