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MagneTalk® 4-Step Sequencing

Magnetic Board Game

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Grades PreK and Up

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"Step up" your young students' sequencing and pre-reading skills with MagneTalk 4-Step Sequencing magnetic game. Students create stories on the magnetic storyboard by putting the magnetic tiles in order. Then, watch story-telling skills soar as children create a story using the magnetic tiles. 1 to 4 players.

Includes these 12 sequences:
 A. Washing the Dog E. The Hatching Chicken I. Making a Pizza
 B. Bear Eating Honey F. Becoming a Clown J. Carving a Jack-o'-Lantern
 C. Brushing Teeth G. Growing a Flower K. Making a Sandwich
 D. Blowing Bubbles H. Mouse Eating Cheese L. Building a Snowman

This game includes:
  • Sturdy, magnetic game board (14" x 18").
  • 48 vinyl, magnetic tiles (1 3/4" x 1 3/4"), color-coded (24 red and 24 purple) and lettered, so that sorting the tiles for the 12 stories is a breeze.
  • Handy plastic tote.
  • Game ideas.
SAS55 -  MagneTalk® 4-Step Sequencing $24.95 
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