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MagneTalk® 4-Step Sequencing

Magnetic Board Game

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Grades PreK and Up

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by Maritza R,  Surprise, Az
#SAS55 – MagneTalk® 4-Step Sequencing
I just love that these MagneTalk's are so convenient! Students truly enjoy them as they are able to choose what story they want to put into a sequence and retell it.

Quick and Easy to Use Story Teller
by Kerri S.,  Hanwell, NB
#SAS55 – MagneTalk® 4-Step Sequencing
This magnetic 4 step story sequence activity is simple to use with a nice variety of activities to choose from. Many language targets can be focused on such as pronoun use, sequence concepts and describing the events of an every day activity. There are some in between picture steps that need to be explained but overall very good product!

4 - step sequence
by Toni J.,  Mesa, AZ
#SAS55 – MagneTalk® 4-Step Sequencing
My students love using the magnets and putting them in order.

4 step sequncing
by S.N,  Washington
#SAS55 – MagneTalk® 4-Step Sequencing
I just love this set of sequencing cards. It puts just a little more structure into sequencing and keeps kids doing several sets of stories. However the 6 stories can get overwhelming on one board for little ones.

Speech Language Pathologist
by Lee F.,  Chicago, IL.
#SAS55 – MagneTalk® 4-Step Sequencing
Great activity to get the students motivated to actively participate!

Everything in it's place!!
by April S.,  Newfoundland, CA
#SAS55 – MagneTalk® 4-Step Sequencing
My son has much more success learning the concept of sequences with this board game that has a visual place for each step. Again....love the visuals!!

agneTalk® 4-Step Sequencing
by Joy J.,  Tucson, AZ
#SAS55 – MagneTalk® 4-Step Sequencing
This game comes with convenient magnetic pieces that stay in place but can be moved around on the board and with a variety of sequencing stories that can target many different types of language goals.

by Cheryl,  Rohnert Park, CA
#SAS55 – MagneTalk® 4-Step Sequencing
I saw this at my son's speech class. Although it was a challenge he stuck with it and seemed to enjoy it. The pictures are cute and easy to extend the lesson when he is ready. Had to order one so that he had one at home as well.

Super at Sequencing
by Leslie L,  Aurora, IL
#SAS55 – MagneTalk® 4-Step Sequencing
I bought this MagneTalk product for my 4 year old daughter who has apraxia and difficulty following sequences. To be honest, she wasn't really "into" playing the game as the directions read, but made up her own rules of play...believe it or not, it helped! She is now much better at predicting sequences and following directions at home and school. The product is well-crafted and I like the plastic carrying case it comes with.

SAS55 -  MagneTalk® 4-Step Sequencing $24.95 
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