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MagneTalk® Early Action Words

Magnetic Board Game

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. - Grades PreK and Up

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Love it!
by Sandra R,  Glendora, CA
#SAS77 – MagneTalk® Early Action Words
Just bought this and I love the pictures! Great for teaching kids verbing structure. I feel it’s most appropriate for five year-olds and older.

by Maritza R,  Surprise, Az
#SAS77 – MagneTalk® Early Action Words
I can't tell you all how happy I am to have these! So many parts of language you can work on at once! Naming the actions, creating simple sentences, using pronouns, and the list goes on...describing etc. They are great to have when you don't have time to plan! I'm glas I invested in many of these!

What are they doing?
by Judy SLPA,  Downey, CA
#SAS77 – MagneTalk® Early Action Words
My students and I enjoy using the MagneTalk Early Action Words Board Game. It is something different for them and lets them have something to do by putting the magnets on the board. The students work together and explain why they put the pieces there. Lots of laughter, fun for me too.

magne talk early action words
by rachel,  new york
#SAS77 – MagneTalk® Early Action Words
When working with 3-5 year olds I chose 10-15 actions that a boy, monkey, bird etc could do. We had a lot of fun first pantomining the motions to see if it makes sense.The children did well and enjoyed themselves too.

by Tiffany D.,  Hickory, NC
#SAS77 – MagneTalk® Early Action Words
Easy to transport in the clear plastic bag. Great to use for action goals or even for encouraging -ing or 3+ word phrases.

by Erica V,  Miami, fl
#SAS77 – MagneTalk® Early Action Words
I live this game set. I use it with various age clients to also work on -ing form of verb. I also have the kids ID the correct verb in each group and for turn taking. I use daily.

MagneTalk owner x7
by Andrea C,  Port Washington, WI
#SAS77 – MagneTalk® Early Action Words
I have purchased many of the MagneTalk activities because my kids really enjoy them. I use this one to target verbs as well as work on agent-action word combinations.

Early phrases
by Maggie G,  Warren, Ohio
#SAS77 – MagneTalk® Early Action Words
So far, I've worked with pre-k 3-5 year olds with this product. Several of them loved it, and were eager to put words together to form phrases with action words.

perfect for PK-k
by Maggie G,  Warren, Ohio
#SAS77 – MagneTalk® Early Action Words
I was pleasantly surprised at how well my pre-k students responded to this bright, colorful board of magnets. They worked hard to imitate words and phrases to match the pictures.

Magnetalk early action words
by Susan N,  Montreal, QC.
#SAS77 – MagneTalk® Early Action Words
This was among the first few items that I ordered when starting my private SLP practice. A versatile tool for speech goals (when you want some simple SV and SVO utterances)and early syntax ( S+ verbing + O). The pictures are clear representations of the actions so kids at an early language stage understand what is depicted. The magnets make it appealing to work with since it sticks like "magic" to the board so it's more interesting than just simple picture cards.I've played a variety fo different games- guessing games, hiding games, matching games (match the action to the person) and charades (act out what you see). Also love the portability of it.

Anything with magnets!
by Amy,  Minneapolis, MN
#SAS77 – MagneTalk® Early Action Words
I can hardly believe how much my students love anything with magnets! This product no exception.

Magnetalk early action words
by Beth. S,  New York , NY
#SAS77 – MagneTalk® Early Action Words
I use this product with preschool inclusion and 5 year olds on the spectrum. The pictures are colorful and easily relatable to the students.

great for exp and rec language
by Andrea B.,  Concord, CA
#SAS77 – MagneTalk® Early Action Words
The Magnetalk action words is great for working on expressive language and receptive language. It can also be used as an open discussion for what can a frog do (for example)? Can a frog walk? can a frog swim? what else can swim? Great language builder. I use it with preschool special ed kids and they love it! The magnet board is great for younger kids. Great for groups and individual sessions. Best product ever!

Fun way to learn verbs
by Lauren,  Florida
#SAS77 – MagneTalk® Early Action Words
Great for teaching early "agent-action-object" phrases. My kids love it because it is magnetic.

magnetalk early action words
by guylaine bélec,  montreal, qc
#SAS77 – MagneTalk® Early Action Words
Easy to use and attractive for kids. love the fact that can be use in any langage. Ideal for beginners.

SAS77 -  MagneTalk® Early Action Words $24.95 
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