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Super Duper® Prize Bucket

(Over 150 prizes!)

Ages 3 & Up

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Kids love this!
by Lauren V.,  Kansas City, MO
#SD609 - Super Duper® Prize Bucket
All of my kids love these prizes. Definitely a good motivator!

by Heather N,  Leakesville, MS
#SD609 - Super Duper® Prize Bucket
My students love digging through the prize bucket to pick out their good behavior prize!!!

Supe Duper Prize Bucket
by Ellen M,  Rumford RI
#SD609 - Super Duper® Prize Bucket
I love this bucket. It is probably not the best for the population I service, however, the prizes are good incentives for older children and the children Love picking from the bucket.

Super Prizes!
by Valerie G,  Fredericksburg, VA
#SD609 - Super Duper® Prize Bucket
I order the Super Duper Prize Bucket for my students at school. They are always very happy with the variety of choices! The bucket has something for everyone!

by Deborah M.,  Columbus, Ga
#SD609 - Super Duper® Prize Bucket
The prize bucket is always a hit. The items are great for all grade levels and the students love it.

by Kaitlin,  New York City
#SD609 - Super Duper® Prize Bucket
For $30.00 I was expecting more value for my money. The rewards are made of very cheap plastic and are not very appealing to children older than 7.

severe decrease in quality
by Erin,  Kansas
#SD609 - Super Duper® Prize Bucket
I've ordered the prize bucket several times over the years and I've always been satisfied. I opened the new bucket today and I'm so disappointed that I am returning it immediately. My 2nd graders were hard pressed to choose a prize. Very disappointed after being so happy with this product in the past. Still love Super Duper though!

Bucket fun!
by Debbie A.,  Columbus, GA
#SD609 - Super Duper® Prize Bucket
The Super Duper Prize Bucket has always been a speech therapy favorite in the school system. I appreciate how the whistles are individually wrapped.

Prize Bucket
by Deborah M.,  Columbus, Ga
#SD609 - Super Duper® Prize Bucket
Love the way the whistles are wrapped.

by Barbara,  California
#SD609 - Super Duper® Prize Bucket
If you are using this in a school setting, think twice. Personally I don't want to send whistles and harmonicas back to class with my students. It also contained fingers, which would be appropriate for Halloween, but this is December. Overall, a disappointment. Would not buy again.

Super Duper Prize Bucket
by Kristy R.,  Libertyville, IL
#SD609 - Super Duper® Prize Bucket
I use the prizes to reward my students for working hard. The kids are so excited when they earn a trip to the prize bucket or treasure chest. It helps with behavior management in a small group setting. The kids thoroughly enjoy them!

prize bucket
by Cindy R,  Camden SC
#SD609 - Super Duper® Prize Bucket
Great buy!

SD609 -  Super Duper® Prize Bucket $29.95 
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