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MySELF Social and Emotional Readers Combo

Grades PreK-1

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MySELF (Social Emotional Learning Foundations) helps children build social and emotional intelligence and literacy skills through shared reading of engaging texts. Child-centered themes support social and emotional growth, address common core foundational reading standards, and integrate family involvement with classroom instruction. Each Parent Pack in this series contains 12 short stories and an Activity Guide that provides tips for building early reading skills. (Combo includes all three Parent Packs for a total of 36 books.) Each 6½"x 7¾" book has 16 pages.
Themes and skills covered in the Combo:
  • Feelings (6 books) – recognizing and understanding feelings, and building empathy
  • Cooperation (6 books) – making and handling friendships, resolving conflicts, cooperating, and collaborative learning
  • Self Control (6 books) – mood management, handling difficult feelings, and controlling impulses
  • Self Esteem (6 books) – self-motivation, being able to set goals and persevere toward them with optimism and hope
  • Self Awareness (6 books) – using accurate self-perception to improve impulse control, recognize personal strengths, and be considerate of others
  • Social Skills (6 books) – speaking politely and respectfully, asking for help when needed, cooperating with others, and building healthy relationships
SERC100 -  MySELF Social and Emotional Readers Combo $44.95 
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