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60 Objects Foam Magnets

Grades PreK and Up

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Foam Magnet objects
by Tara L.,  Canada
#SM5332 – 60 Objects Foam Magnets
This is exactly what I wanted! I use these for labeling vocabulary, answering WH-questions, categorizing, describing, phono awareness, and artic. The container is light and durable. I find objects (or foam magnets) more motivating than pictures when working with PreK and K students. Definitely recommend!

Great for Language!
by Rachel N.,  Nacogdoches, TX
#SM5332 – 60 Objects Foam Magnets
I use this with my younger clients when eliciting multisyllabic words, identifying pictures, and as a game. They all enjoy placing the magnets on a magnet board.

I wanted to buy this
by LC,  CO
#SM5332 – 60 Objects Foam Magnets
Am looking for resources to teach the ABC sounds using short and long vowels and hard c/g. This set came so close, but what's with the 'o' saying orange and owl?? If only it was something like octopus and ocean.

60 Objects Foam Magnets
by Mary H,  Ann Arbor
#SM5332 – 60 Objects Foam Magnets
Great for working on articulation and language activities on the dry erase magnetalk board.

60 objects foam magnets
by Margaret D.,  Summerville
#SM5332 – 60 Objects Foam Magnets
I love the 60 Objects Foam Magnets! I pass these magnets out as reinforcers. The students can name them, produce correct target sounds, describe their function and characteristics, line them up on a magnetic board, group them into categories, and toss them back into their container as a game at the end of a long practice session. My students love these colorful magnets; plus, they are easy to store!

SM5332 -  60 Objects Foam Magnets $21.95 
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