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My Little House

Multi-sensory Felt Book

Grades PreK and Up; Ages 3 & Up

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My Little House multi-sensory felt book opens into a three-dimensional playhouse! All four panels have Velcro at the top and along the sides, allowing children to put the house together all by themselves.
My Little House takes kids on a creative adventure and promotes developmental language skills while having fun along the way. The thirty-six felt pieces included with the house are colorful and vibrant. The layout of the book is unique as well. Every element of the inside design of My Little House is one of purpose and intention – from the color of the apples in the kitchen to the different sizes of fish swimming in the fish tank. (Flat: 15" x 13" x 2" Assembled: 13" x 13" x 15")
Use My Little House as a:
  • Platform for propelling communication.
  • Facilitator for promoting conversation and dialogue.
  • Tool for language development.
  • Stage for social/emotional growth.
My Little House promotes
  • Receptive Language input through introducing new words, gestures, and stories.
    • non-verbal skills
    • focus and attention
    • visual attention and processing
    • sounds
    • social skills
    • size/shape
  • Expressive Language output by encouraging children to tell tales and share feelings.
    • writing
    • describing
    • narrating
    • comparison
    • memory & recall
    • object recognition and identification
    • grammar
    • answering questions
SMF23 -  My Little House $49.95 
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