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Ask & Answer® Social Skills Games

by Keri Spielvogle, Melanee Callough - Grades PreK and Up

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Cool Social Skills Game
by Brenda H,  Shenandoah, IA
#SOS62 – Ask & Answer® Social Skills Games
This is a great game for my social skills students.

good product
by Lauren V.,  Kansas City, Mo
#SOS62 – Ask & Answer® Social Skills Games
I like the different social skill areas this product targets. My students enjoyed it as well. I did need to modify the questions with some of my lower level students.

More than expected
by L. C.C.,  Jacksonville, Fl
#SOS62 – Ask & Answer® Social Skills Games
Using the game I discovered that works for a lot of different language goals, receptive and expressive, not only pragmatics. Excellent tool, helps a lot!

Good Tool
by Dina,  Iowa City, IA
#SOS62 – Ask & Answer® Social Skills Games
I've found this game to be a good tool working with my 5yo with ASD. We can play with his younger sister, who also enjoys it. It takes some planning and thinking to implement it in an interesting way. I got it for a great price.

Nice little resource
by Aimee H.,  Brainerd, MN
#SOS62 – Ask & Answer® Social Skills Games
This is a versatile resource that I enjoy using with my kiddo's...

Ask and Answer Social Skills
by Erin S.,  Lavaca, AR
#SOS62 – Ask & Answer® Social Skills Games
A must have for social skills curriculum! I love to use it with my younger elementary students. It is a great way to build social skills while working on language skills.

not what it is
by Jess,  Ohio
#SOS62 – Ask & Answer® Social Skills Games
I was disappointed with this, that is all I can say. I have tried to use it since I spent the money but very disappointed

Pragmatic bingo
by Sara S.,  Santa Rosa, CA
#SOS62 – Ask & Answer® Social Skills Games
The kids are enjoying learning these new bingo games. It appears they're going to work well with the 18-22 year old lower functioning transition students.

Still finding my way
by Jessica I.,  Powell, Oh
#SOS62 – Ask & Answer® Social Skills Games
I have had this game for a while now. I have used it with various autism spectrum students. As the facilitator I did not feel confident in using this game so I had placed it on hold for several months and today I have decided to give it a try again. After watching the video I am going to make some adjustments and see if it can become a game I will use with my student. I do not want to waste my money so I will continue to work with this game. But right now I am not a fan

Ask & Answer Social Skills
by Griselle N.,  Miami, Fl.
#SOS62 – Ask & Answer® Social Skills Games
I 've using the therapy material to improve the pragmatic skills of my ASD students at my high school. We played bingo and it was fun, but it was difficult for them to grasp some of the pragmatic concepts. The manual reading format with the scenarios script was confusing anf visually distractible for the ASD high school population.. I had to make some adaptations and modifications in order to utilize the game at their developmental level. The easiest one for them was the "feelings" bingo game.

SOS62 -  Ask & Answer® Social Skills Games $54.95 
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