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Speech Pup Posters


by Sharon Webber -
All Ages

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So cute!
by Lindsay L,  Wading River, NY
#SP670 - Speech Pup Posters
These posters are adorable and the kids love them! They are the stable of my "dog themed" speech classroom!

Pup Posters
by Carla J,  Wylie, TX
#SP670 - Speech Pup Posters
I am a Speech Therapist Assistant. I service five schools. I’ve ordered three sets of these. I love them and so do my students. They brighten up your space and are great conversation starters!!!

by StephanieP.,  New York
#SP670 - Speech Pup Posters
These posters are so cute for my students to look at. They were just what I was looking for to decorate my speech room. I wish that super duper had more speech decorations, because I like when someone enters my room they know its a speech room.

by Mary,  Ann Arbor, Mi
#SP670 - Speech Pup Posters
Cute and adorable posters to elicit conversation with students.

by Diane M.,  Winchester, VA
#SP670 - Speech Pup Posters
My students LOVE the puppy posters! They triggered some great conversations as soon as I placed them in my room. I love animals, so it fit right into my theme. Thank you Super Duper!

Decorative Speech
by Maddy H.,  Hillside, NJ
#SP670 - Speech Pup Posters
I share an office with 2 other SLP's and we put them on various walls in our office and in our therapy spaces. The students found them interesting and they opened discussions about language, pragmatics and speech in general. Added color and fun.

SP670 -  Speech Pup Posters $9.95 
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