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120 Superhero Scented Stickers

All Ages

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Love these!
by Susan W.,  Mobile, AL
#ST93 – 120 Superhero Scented Stickers
I want my students to feel that their speech can be their super power. These stickers are a great reminder of that and they all love getting stickers!

Super Stickers!
by Nicole Z.,  New Jersey
#ST93 – 120 Superhero Scented Stickers
My pediatric patients loved receiving these as a reward. It gave them something to look forward to at the end of every session! There were so many superheroes to choose from that all of the children could pick a different one each week! Loved this item.

Great Motivator
by Patrice S,  Amityville, NY
#ST93 – 120 Superhero Scented Stickers
My students love scented stickers! These are definitely the best!

Students love these!
by Jennifer Lewis,  Arkansas
#ST93 – 120 Superhero Scented Stickers
I love that these show diversity and are cute and smell good as well.

ST93 -  120 Superhero Scented Stickers $6.98 
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