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Inferencing Skill Strips™

by Staci Jackson, Becky L. Spivey, and Erica Zollman - Ages 6 and Up

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Inferencing Skill Strips
by Audrey,  Long Island, NY
#STRP23 - Inferencing Skill Strips™
Great visuals, I'm using them right now with an autistic student who needs sentence carriers in order to engage in conversation and these are working very well!!

by Jen G.,  Michigan
#STRP23 - Inferencing Skill Strips™
These cards are great for my students who have autism!

Great Resource
by Danielle A,  Indianapolis, IN
#STRP23 - Inferencing Skill Strips™
These inferencing skill strips are great for elementary age students!

good product
by Lauren V.,  Kansas City, Mo
#STRP23 - Inferencing Skill Strips™
I liked the different categories within the inferencing skills strip activity and the game ideas were helpful to make it more fun.

great product
by Lisa L.,  Brooklyn, NY
#STRP23 - Inferencing Skill Strips™
This product really gets the students to think. They have to look at the picture and answer the question or tell what comes next, etc. Very versatile and can be used for many ages and level.

Great Buy!
by Melissa,  Oklahoma
#STRP23 - Inferencing Skill Strips™
I have used these with a wide range of students. This set of cards has several different skill targets and my kids really enjoy using these. I am very happy with this purchase!

Inferencing Skill Strips
by Lana M.,  Greenfield, IN
#STRP23 - Inferencing Skill Strips™
These skill strips are handy to take from class to class for inclusion language services. My students had one complaint, that the pictures on the cards in the sequencing section are both real and cartoonish. They thought the pictures should be one or the other. I like that the cards target skills the students are learning in class but in a different way. It promotes carryover of skills. The students love using dry erase markers to circle the answers (dry erase markers not included, but the cards are slick, so dry erase markers easily wipe off). Overall, I really like these cards.

Super logic and reasoning
by Sherry J.,  Lake Havasu City, Arizona
#STRP23 - Inferencing Skill Strips™
These new Inferencing strips are great. I really like the time order words in the sequencing because these are difficult for my daughter with autism and they are really helping her. I also like the fact that there are three levels of difficulty so we can start out easy and work up.

Variety and fun
by Kimberly K.,  Eugene, Or.
#STRP23 - Inferencing Skill Strips™
I am impressed with the many ways this set has for understanding inference. Leveled practice in a variety of cognitive avenues makes the game fun. Students love to work together to create meaning and show their understanding.

Positive Review
by sarah w,  killingworth
#STRP23 - Inferencing Skill Strips™
This is been a great source to teach the various ways of inferencing. You are able to target may skills such as compare/contrast, what doesn't belong, etc that really focuses on building one's cognitive flexibility. It is a fantastic tool for demonstrating and teaching a skill plus it is even better being a dry erase card. The students really like.

STRP23 -  Inferencing Skill Strips™ $39.95 
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