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Emotions Skill Strips™

by Becky L. Spivey, M.Ed. - Grades PreK & Up, Ages 4 & Up

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Help students identify facial expressions associated with different emotions using Emotions Skill Strips! Students read or listen to the prompts and select a photo to identify a particular emotion or situation. Prompts include six basic emotions: happy, sad, fear, anger, surprise, and disgust, and a list of synonyms for each emotion to help expand vocabulary.
Emotions Skill Strips has four levels:
Level 1 Cards – Each card presents one person exhibiting three different emotions. Student listens to/reads the prompt (Show me SAD.) and points to the correct facial expression associated with that emotion.
Level 2 Cards – Using the same prompts as in Level 1, student chooses the person exhibiting the correct facial expression from three different photos of children and adults.
Level 3 Cards – Three different people are expressing three different emotions. Student listens to/reads the question or scenario (e.g., “Who lost a pet?") and chooses the person exhibiting the appropriate facial expression.
Level 4 Cards – Student studies the person’s facial expression in the photo presented and then chooses which event prompted this particular emotion.
  • 120 double-sided cards (8½"x 3¾")
  • Four color-coded levels
  • 240 prompts (60 prompts in each level)
  • Divider tabs
  • Boxed
STRP45 -  Emotions Skill Strips™ $39.98 
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